Projectile Compromise

Sure, make the arrows hit every time. I get it. The game would be difficult to rebalance. However, if units move outside of the maximum range of seige, buildings, and archers before the projectiles land, those projectiles should fall short and miss. This would help cav and faster units not instantly die when they stumble upon a mass of ranged units that are able to start their attack animations before you can escape their attack range.


Same for archers v.s. siege weapons. Basically the archers must suffer a lot when being spotted by a catapult even if they run away immediately.

Also, if a scout runs into the range of a TC, he is already dead. No way you can save him.

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i want fun clips there CobraCar are running for its life from homing arrows


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Catapult projectiles aren’t homing like arrows are. You can dodge them if you notice it early enough.


If you mean, standard TC arrow fire, then no, scout will be fine if you’re paying attention and can take several arrow hits before dying. Dozens of games up on YT showing this. If you mean run the scout in very close by mistake and TC has villagers inside or its the English TC, then yes, probably dead.

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If the projectiles simply flew faster then nobody would be getting hit very far out of range.(Source: AoM, AoE3, AoEO)


While we’re talking about this: is the TC range somehow bugged? It feels like it goes way further than it should once your scout comes within range. As in, you have to get within 8 range to start being hit, but once it starts shooting, it will continue to do so until you get to something like 12 range away from it to be safe. And I’m not talking about arrows being shot within range and following outside, but being shot way after you should be clear.
I haven’t seen any mention of this, at least not since closed beta, so maybe I’m just misjudging it or going crazy.



I noticed this as well. It’s like they reduced the TC’s targetting range (ie: the range at which it will start firing), but not it’s absolute range (ie: the range at which it can no longer continue to fire).

Without access to the game right now I can’t test it, but I remember thinking the TC seemed to keep firing longer than it should.

I think you are right. An arrow fired at max range will continue to the target outside that range once fired.

It definitely feels that way, but I couldn’t tell for sure if it was just arrows following me beyond max range. It even looked like it happened in the show match today, but I still couldn’t tell for sure.

This + killing a unit that has garrisoned. I’d really love to believe that it’s a bug and not intended, because that’s just silly.

Well I assume that is a bug. I thought there was something about that in those patch notes they showed us that only got half implemented?

I may have missed this. Hopefully it’s out of the game at release. :slight_smile:

I found the post with them, looks like there wasn’t. Surely that must be a bug though.