Does anybody have a list of all the projectiles and their graphics, so that i don’t have to look through them individually.
Like a cheat sheet of what each projectile looks like and its name/number.

I have one, but I don’t think it’ll look good because I don’t pay much attention to the form. Anyway, Have fun!

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Okay, thanks. That helps a little, but i was looking more specifically for what their standing graphics are.

you would have to get the old .smx files of all the proj graphics and have look inside with Advance Genie Editor, thats probably the fastest and most convenient method.

You can see them all in my Modder Map that shows all of the units & objects available in the editor: Mods Single - Age of Empires

Projectiles are at the bottom of the ‘hidden stuff’ section. They’re just put in alphabetical order. It’s best to use the Designer Dataset mod to unlock everything that’s normally hidden in the editor.

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