Hi all, I think a few things of the new dlc have been overshadowed by the many great things of this dlc.

Promotion a new skill that allows some units from Royal houses to increase hit points, attack, attack speed, range, movement in different combinations when defeating enemies.

Unfortunately as a new mechanic it’s only available to a reduced number of units from this new dlc.

Would be nice however if we this could be expanded to mercenaries and normal units.

Post your thoughts let’s discuss this, to have a constructive dialogue.


personally i’d only use promotion among units in rather special cases, units that otherwise have no standout about them

This has been discussed somewhat here:

I think promotions would be a good fit for heroes and Longbowmen.

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The ability to promote units could come in handy for revolutions and minor america civilizations in general


promotions could remake like +0.1% attack & hp per kill
all existing and future Irish Brigadier promo together.

capped at +50%

I think heroes don’t need it so much but would be nice also would “incite”/invite us players to try to kill as many enemies as we can. Heroes you mean explorers or all type of “hero” units.

I think mercenaries and all minor natives would benefit from this.

I think this passive should be expanded, it’s “easy” to reach the maximum level, but it’s also easy to lose the unit(s).

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The promotion could be distributed like this:

Hits points + attack speed:
For Musketeer/skirmisher/crossbowman like units and Hussar like units. Artillery.

Hit points + attack:
For melee infantry, heavy cavalry (gendarmes/lancers/elmeto, etc).

Hit points + range + attack speed:
Archers/Longbowman/mounted archers type units.

Logic: units that get attack speed improve their skill in reloading, aiming and shooting. Why not attack? Well this units do not use strength base weapons like melee nor upgrade their weapons.

While Melee units improve their technique and strength (they could have attack speed, but I feel they could be too strong).

Archers and lowbowmen are the ones that benefit the most, since skilled archers are able to pull strings faster/stronger to shot faster and with more range.

That said there could be other buffs like movement speed for all but be a very low percentage, resistances, etc.
Ex: resistance for rodelero vs ranged/melee.

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Let promotions for niche units as natives or mercenaries from the tavern (ie: not trainable for swedens)

Standard units dont need it. If they nerfed gendarmes they had a good reason…

Let’s be honest most units get killed, it’s very weird to have a non special unit survive an entire match, thus all them having it doesn’t make some unit overpowered.

Pd: was an example rates would need to be adjusted per unit and type, my example was that, for general porpoise as a classification :v.

Please, no!
all units are trained to kill and being kill
having a promotion ability mean they would be weaker at birth.
like Irish Brigadier, they are trash without promotion

I think average units shouldn’t be promoted, but if they are units that need to be unlocked, maybe yes.

I think this type of mechanic would be better for ‘native’ type units, since it is a quality that encourages its use. The truth is that if this was not in the game now, if we had proposed it before, it would seem absurd and exaggerated, but I think that now many units could benefit from this.

For example the ‘Nootka War Chief’ could increase the speed and maybe the damage of the ‘Nootka Clubman’ with an aura bonus. I know it’s not the same as promoting, but it’s the kind of thing that would suit natives well.

The Tupi and Carib warriors could have poison damage, that is, damage as a result of the shot, just like ‘The Jungle Bowman’ of the Incas.

[Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at
Catalog of proposals on minor factions/civilizations (AOE-3 BASIC + TWC + TAD)

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I think the promotion mechanic could be used to better balance the mercenaries, for example they could reduce their stats and population cost but allow them to get their power back with the promotion ability.

On the other hand I think that the revolutionaries of the revolutions should be able to promote themselves by default or with a card.

Revolutionary Example:
Base 200
Promotion 1 10%
Promotion 2 10%
Promotion 3 10%
Promotion 4 10%
Promotion 5 10%
Ultimate: 300/50%+

Other units equivalent to the revolutionary might need different settings, but I hope the general concept is understood.

I like the idea of ​​poison. :wink:

PS: I remember when I proposed leveling up units to encourage the use of medics and healers. :face_in_clouds:

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Limit this to units with limited number or accessibility.
Also it should only happen if the unit is initially weak (wrt cost) and lack other means of buffing. Cost effective units should not get promotions.


I think the only civ that could realistically incorporate promotions into their regular units would be the Russians. Many of their units are naturally very brittle and unlikely to survive for long and any promotions they manage to survive long enough to get would at first only put them on par with their equivalents from other civs, which is hardly a gamebreaking occurrence at all.

Other than that scenario I don’t think promotions would work well outside of their current niche of native units from Royal Houses. At least that is my opinion for now.

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with russians and the spam potential i don’t think it would be the best idea (insta train muskets anyone?)