So I bought and installed this game. Looks good but I have issues.
Why is this game hidden behind closed doors in the Apps-folder?
Why can I not place it in a folder of my chosing?
Why can I not even read pdf or word documents in the games folder?

Ask for a refund and buy it on Steam. No such problems there.

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What’s the difference? Does it install in another way with Steam so I can access my gamefolder? Or can I chose in which folder I want to install? Because this way of operating is really annoying, stupid actually :slight_smile:

You can create locations on your hard drives to which Steams install games. I have one such location and I can easily access all files for every game in there.
A lot of people have complained that they can’t access files of Microsoft Store version of AOE 2 DE and there is no workaround. Some weird feature of Microsoft Store.

Great, I’ll get to it right away. Thank you so much Yorok0. :heart_eyes: