Proposal: Complementing the idea of Beastyqt

I share the minute in which Beastyqt gives a very valid argument which convinced me, that an easy strategy requires an easy defense and his proposal to defend himself with battering rams.
Ironically, defensive tools such as towers and keep are used offensively and their use is exploited, the only drawback of removing siege engineering is civilizations with heavy infantry (English in the dark ages) and heavy cavalry (Frances and Rus) that would be very strong


Therefore, the following proposal complements Beastyqt’s Idea without removing Siege Engineering and considering that the Mongols can move their TC from 20 squares around the rival TC so that this does not break the game:

The villagers will produce an arite with its own stats (the clock tower produces siege with its own stats is not new) the grid build slot corresponds to the letter v (q-v) the build time speed is the same that of a house 15 s (considering that villagers do not produce while they build) and increases in each epoch

It will only be possible to produce in the space around 6 squares from the TC itself (Mongolian TC already has a square restriction is not something new in the game)


*His movement speed is 0.25 squares (so it will take him to reach the rival TC)
*6 defense against ranged attack (in case the Mongol wants to get close and use it against the rival TC this will be ineffective due to his low armor and low health of the new patch)
*6 defense against melee attack (in case the Rus scouts attack the battering ram, or defense equal to the scout’s attack from the new patch)

The Mongol can move their TC from 20 squares around the rival TC but they don’t have heavy units in feudal, and as it shows the abbasid have arites in dark age and this has not been exploited in early age for the same reason of lack of archers and the absence of heavy units, so this will not break the game


  • I agree that the villagers produce their own battering rams and with the proposal
  • I do not agree with this proposal
  • I think there are better alternatives than this to TR

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I think they think that simply having battering rams without technology solves it with the health of the new patch, but it is simple, my strategy is to reduce your villagers who go for the battering ram with the men-at-arms, the tc is not my objective, and that is how I weaken you economically gradually. English and HRE will be op

i don’t think its by chance its easier to deal with towers (for me anyway), by using abbasids (not having to invest into blacksmith and siege engineering greatly streamlines the readjustment)

exact but in the same way, not having heavy units in feudal does not allow you to abuse it offensively


did you read the patch?
vils will kill rams in same number of hits. (reduced dmg)
arrows - same.

KTS + horses - buffed no doubt (i’ve seen tests)
but for Pikes you need tests (cause torch dmg > pike dmg)

and you you need to be next to ram to attack it… it can be tricky.

i would say the change almost did not impact feudal.

Arrow shots you need to destroy a current battering ram: 700.

Arrow shots you need to destroy a battering ram with less HP: 420.

Meaning, TC’s arrow shots (and ranged units) will deal much more damage to the ram than before.

Do not be reactive and think about the reason for the partner’s message.

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for now

I tested the pup with a friend and the battering ram is very weak, so I think the battering ram should cost less, as the pup is, the “meta” will be to pump if the feudal rush no longer works

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the cards were on the table, it remains in the hands of the developers

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Just make villagers/units do a lot more damage to buildings under construction.

As Beastyqt said, it is not about looking for an efficient solution, that completely eliminates that strategy

of course there are better ways to weaken the rook, but the rook is intrinsically defensive, weakening it also weakens the defense, and it is not about completely eliminating strategies in the game, Beastyqt says it clearly in his video

the battering ram is weak and a technology improves its statistics later, it seems to me a good alternative for the partner (removing siege engineering for the battering ram)

Two ideas:

-Landmark town center can build rams, costing adittional resources (gold or food).
pros: very easy response to towers
cons: losing villager production time, not resource efficient

-Siege towers force evacuation of towers, like latching onto the tower or something.
pros: give some utility to siege towers, cheaper than rams
cons: evacuated units can destroy the siege tower easily, still takes damage from emplacements

Nahh, simple, castles and towers should bo be able to be build near other castle/TC… Easy fix, that’s why I consider RON a superior game than age IV they get rid of tower rushes pretty easy.



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aoe4 must not lose his personality
aoe4 must not lose his personality

Then watch how thousand of people left the game… Devs of ages never wanted tower and castles to be used on the way people use it today, a castle Is DEFENSIVE structure, period.

pup has many changes, the towers are repaired with stone and take more damage when built, the pending debate is about the tower rush at an early age, I think the Beastyqt idea needs to be polished and most will agree

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