Proposal for a new 1v1 game mode/map

I have always wondered how fun it would be to play 1v1 WITH trading. So the late game doesn’t end up as trash wars.
So I am wondering if we can add a new map, or maybe a mode to add for each existing map:

Have 4 neutral UnDestructible markets/docks, built at the 4 corners of the map. If the corner is land then it is a market, if the corner is water then it is a dock. They work exactly the same way as allied markets/docks to both players.

A player who can protect one side of the map, can get some trading going, just like in team games.

This would make Turks and Teutons more viable for 1v1s.




1v1 has the disadvantage of you have limited gold on map (except relics ofc)

Great idea! I like it.

Another “1v1” idea. It’s actually a 2v2/3v3 but only one player from each team fights, the others being locked only slinging resources to said player.


This is practically the same as saying 2v2/3v3 for high ranking teams :slight_smile: 11
At higher levels, it is mostly a sling. But this would make it formal and carry it for lower levels of play. Combining Sim-City players who are in it for the eco with those Deathgame like players who are in it for the fight.
Nice idea HerianB.

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Interesting suggestions.

For the lobby browser, not for the ladder. >:o

It sounds like a cool map type for unranked. I think having limited gold on the map is too ingrained in the spirit of the 1v1 ranked meta for that to be changed too much (i mean that’s the point of relics).

Turks are meant to be played in the early imperial age to end the game fast before gold is gone. It’s a race against the clock civ. The issue is they hit their peak in the early imperial age - which is why they aren’t meta 1v1. If you let them fast imperial without and pressure and you’re going to be in for a bad time.

Devs could tweak relic gold if they want trash wars to be less stale-matey. That might get a lot more support. Especially in lower rankings, monks are underutilized and increasing relic gold might incentivize more monks and make knights a little less OP in the process. Note - there are maps where gold is in a controllable formation that would lend itself to less trash wars - such as golden swamp.

you could make this in an hour in the editor

Given that most players already play only RM and not the other game modes, i dont think we need a new game mode. I also think that most 1v1 games are decided before trade kicks in.

I love how relics are completely neglicted by most lower rated players. Except on Arena, than every goes for the relics as soon as they hit castle age. This is even true for me. I always forgot relics, except on Arena 11

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This is for a new game mode. It doesnt have to affect the ladder

Some maps, like wolf hill can give you lots of gold even in 1v1. You only have to fight for him

So if the neutral markets are in the middle of the map it would be fine.

Teutons are quite viable for 1 v 1s right now… one of the strongest civs right now if not the strongest