Proposal for a new Drop-In feature for Save Files/Replays

Hello Everyone.

We all have gone through numerous replays of our games and others’ to asses what went wrong or what one could have done different which could’ve yielded a different outcome. As it is a great way to understand our weaknesses. But we are limited to only viewing what we have done as it gives us no option to see what a different decision during a certain point in the game would’ve led to.

To deal with this issue I propose a new feature called Drop-In.

Here are the key points of this feature:

  • The ability to pick up a game at any point of time in the replay and continue playing from that point onwards. So you can choose to play as any of the players in the replay and assign an AI or have friend play the other player in the replay.

  • You can download replays from pro players and play an already set up game from the middle with a friend to see what the differences are in comparison the the pro player

  • If you have been losing to a particular strategy like for example “All in Knights” then you can ask a friend who is of a higher elo to pick up your game from the point where you start falling apart and see how he/she plays the game, so that understand what you could’ve done different to win the game.

  • This feature could open doors to a New Kind of Age content on streaming platforms where the established streamers can drop in on legendary games and play it in their style and see how things turn out. This also sounds very interesting and fun for the viewers watching the stream.

These are some of the benefits that I was able to find in implementing such a Drop-In feature. But feel free to add in to it if you happen to find anything of value to this in case I’ve missed out.

So this is my proposal for the game. Happy to hear your thoughts on this.
Thank you.


Actually you can kinda do this already. While watching a recorded game, open the menu and save the game. Then when you load the game, you can continue playing from that point.

You can’t assign AIs or have other players play, so those would still be some nice features.

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Well I didn’t actually know about that, Thanks for sharing it, I’ll surely give it a try.