Proposal: Integrating Royal Houses into Euro Civs

With the addition of European maps into the game, we were introduced to a variety of a new and interesting units to utilize as native allies. Some people have expressed an interest in seeing Royal House units integrated with their appropriate major civilization counterparts, so I’d like to offer a proposal, allowing some European civilizations to utilize Home City shipments to get native units, or to transform their existing units into variations of Royal House units that cost population and can be upgraded more in-line with standard units, functioning almost like Hausa’s Ankobia units which you can train from the barracks after sending an appropriate card.

These cards would help make the older civilizations more modular and to add more to the style and flavor, without drastically altering the kind of gameplay offered by that civilization.

All for One and One For All: Replaces Musketeers and Dragoons with Royal Musketeers and Royal Dragoons respectively, Age 3

Patriotic War: Replaces Musketeers with Northern Musketeers, Age 3

Archduke Charles Legion: Replaces Doppelsoldners and War Wagons with Line Infantry and Mounted Infantry, Age 4

Grosser Zapfenstreich: Replaces Doppelsoldners with Great Grenadiers and Uhlans with Totenkopf Hussars

Royal Escorts: Replaces Pikemen with Trabants

  • I almost would have proposed Doppels here as they are a closer equivalent, but I already have the Doppelsoldner swapped in two cards

Confederation of the Rhine: Replaces all Skirmishers with Mountain Troopers, and all War Wagons with Chevaulegers.

King’s German Legion: All existing Redcoats/Musketeers become an improved version of the Black Brunswicker. Musketeers, however, are not replaced at the barracks. Can be sent twice

Princely Clients: Replaces Hussars with Boyars and Cavalry Archers with Lipka Tatars; Lipka Tatars renamed to Crimean Tatars.


No need to fully replace. Just make it function like Inca/US native embassy.


That could work as well, allowing these civilizations to use both types. My concern is that if this were the made the case to use the Native Embassy, players still wouldn’t use these units because of the redundancy, or that they wouldn’t be able to make them a core part of their army because of the recruitment limits. I want to train a full army of Royal Musketeers if I am France, for example, rather than settling for the 12 or so I’m permitted through the native recruitment mechanic.

As such, this is why I proposed that they should be shipments which players could choose to include or leave out of their decks, so as to mix up the gameplay and add some flavor for players who do choose these unit swaps.

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If they were to include them I think they should keep build limits. Could be included as a one card, send an embassy plus make available the respective royal house for each of the Europeans. A fun little extra to include in a more niche strategy but not a full change.

I personally likes small skirmishes over the bigger late game wars.

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It makes sense that civs closely linked with certain royal houses should get some unique access to the units.

All these new units they have made that could have made the European armies more unique rather than fighting with identical looking musketeers, dragoons and such. Instead we just have units you will only be able to see on 2-3 certain maps in small numbers.

Its almost like they were toying with giving the Europeans big overhauls but changed their minds perhaps because they were worried about changing them too much from their ‘classic’ design and decided to scale back their plans to the modest changes we have seen so far with Britain and Spain. The leftover units got refitted for the Royal Houses.

If at least Royal Guard units looked unique it would help.

The concept of native embassies works wonderfully in supremacy, but apparently they drastically affect NR which is probably why devs are not so quick to implement it

I think they could at least use their models, for x units or add them if there are not unit that fits the role. For example:

France: Has muskeeter, dragoon and cuirassier.
Muskeeter age I (default skin) to use new model from Borbon.
Dragoon age III (default skin) to use new model from Borbon.
Cuirassier Age V to use new model from Saxony Cuirassier.

Or to be added Borbon house as extra units like those that Italians can send from their Basillica.

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That, or just some of their units as shipments. It’s not without precedent native units were added as shipments for the original civs back when the war chiefs was new, well except for Ottoman for example don’t have a native shipment at all, just mercenaries.


Although some could make sense, regular units and minor civ unit shouldn’t share skins