Proposal: new unique technology for TGs

As it is known, sometimes one player resigns as soon as he looses one villager or is tower rushed in feudal age, but in general, the team may still have chances to win and as the game goes on through post-imperial age, the difference in pop limit is huge and devastating.
This also can help if one player drops, but we hope it doesn’t happen anymore :'D

In order to fix this, I suggest a new tech that allows “shared population” for the entire team once one ally is defeated/resigned. It could be an Imperial tech that can be researched in the TC and it increases your limit adding up the defeated/resigned ally’s population (another option will be just x2 your limit, in case they are defeated/dropped before reaching the 200 pop limit).
If you research it while all your team members are alive, It will do nothing till one ally dies.

I think this can result in another meta for TGs because if you are getting rushed, you can resing to give to your mates(ejem, boomer pocket) your population for the very late game

Sure it must be an expensive tech. Maybe 1k food and 1k wood. Gold and stone are out of the equation since post imperial age is taken in account here and it’s intended to mass up trash units

Finally, I propose the name “tax-free inn”
What do you guys think about this?

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