Proposal of Volcanic Island

Is it possible to have a volcano with lava in the central of the map?
I understand that some actual volcano don’t have a crater or vent, but sometimes stereotypes could make the game funnier.


It would indeed be cool!

I’ve found that you can’t even see the central part of the map in a normal game since you can’t explore that area you are never able to remove the fog of war. So there’s very little point in adding lava or other effects. You can only see the full map once a match ends.

To be clear, I would love for it to spew lava and shake the ground and have sound effects, but devs first have to fix the fact that you never see the center.

That’s super easy, you can do it with a metadata or following the aoe3 style of revealing certain mountainous areas from the start.

In the Battle for Middle Earth games there is a map set on Mount Doom. You don’t actually get to see the crater (not because of FOW but because it’s so damn tall you can’t zoom out far enough), but there are lava streams and every now and then the ground shakes accompanied by great sound effects: growling, rumbling, etc.