Proposal: option to go random civ with a selection of civs

I think it would be nice to have the option to select between which civs you want to go random.
Sometimes when i go random i Just dont want to play goths or frank. I would like to be able to de-select them and go random civ out of the rest.

Hope more people would like to see this feature. I seems to me like a quite simple one so hopefully the devs Will and it


You can do this easily yourself. It is not necessary for it to be implemented into the game.

In Excel there is a nice formula to generate a random number within a certain range.


Then you just have a list of all the civs you want to play with the number next to them. When you get a game just generate your number and pick that civ. Easy!

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yeah it’s also game-technical not the same.
I also don’t like this kind of deflection in the manner “if you want something, do it yourself”.
If you want to play aoe2, why don’t you program it yourself?


I already though about this in a wider context. WIth now 39 civs in the pool for every map there are maybe 10 good - very good civs and another 10 which are somewhat competitive. But half of the civs are just bad in that respective map.
IMO devs should consider an option to only chose a random civ between a selection of a- to s-tier civs for that map. It would make it easier to learn the game as then you could get familiar with a limited number of civs. I fear, if this won’t be introduced we will see more and more map and civ pickers just because the new players are overwhealmed by the variety when they select random civ.

And tbh I would also like a map that is designed in a way every civ is basically “equally” good. A map that features early agression aswell as good defensive positions. A map where you have some area to expand, but then you leave the good defensive positions. A map that features some water, but not as much to make the water civs OP and also doesn’t has so much early fishing snowball.
Cause I currently witness that there is actually no map left where all civs could be considered “equally strong”. I would like to have that one map where everybody can just pick his favorite civ and don’t has a disadvantage - and also everybody could go full random civ without fearing to get a bad civ. The map tehn could also be used as “measure” if a civ is balanced, cause Arabia - especially current Arabia - just doesn’t provides this anymore.


Well if somebody is asking for something that is really specific and not particularly useful for the whole community then for sure the best solution is to ‘do it yourself’. Just waiting and complaining that the devs should do it will not get you anywhere. I was just offering a simple and practical solution. If that is not appreciated then no problem!

This is where the forums are for, to propose ideas to devs and see how much support there is for that idea


A civ pool is a suggestion made often, I’ve bumped threads of similar nature before. Besides, who are you to speak for the entire community? I can just counter by saying this benefits the entire community as well, as … it does! There’s no downside to this!

OP, I also support this idea, of just a civ pool to select from. You can add and delete civs from civ pool as you see fit, so this also shouldn’t be really hard or complex to implement. Don’t also need to get overly complex with several pools or w/e, can just have one that has all the civs in that the player wants to play with. On a new map, the player can just add or delete as they see fit again.


Been wanting that for a long time. Way too many civs and way too many maps with totally different civ metas.

I also hope for a " random civ among selection", just like we got for maps in lobbies.

I currently pseudo-randomly choose a civ, which works of course, but is not as satisfying as an option. So “fine without the feature, very happy with”.

And for both maps and civs, I would also like to be able to save/load the setting. So I can choose one map out of 20 land maps, then play an island game, and then go back to my pool of 20 maps.
But this may be much more time consuming to add…

I mean if this is the first step civ pickers need towards going full random, then sure. Till then enjoy these beloved Franks Britons Mayans games.