[Proposition] New mechanic for Mansabdar training

Hi all,

I’m a casual player and I don’t know a lot about if this will break balance, but I was wondering if this was a nicer way to ensure that more mansabdars are played in the game.

As long as the Charminar gate is standing, you can train mansabdars from it OR you can convert one ordinary unit of each type already trained, into its Mansabdar form.

  1. You click a “Mansabdar Training” button on the unit’s UI panel.

  2. The price of the unit is deducted from the stockpile and the unit starts training as a mansabdar and cannot move/attack till the conversion from normal to mansabdar is complete.

  3. Enemy can see if a unit is being converted into a mansabdar and can try to kill it.

  4. Build limit of one mansabdar per unit type still holds.

I say this because in the heat of battles, I rarely remember to train mansabdars. I’m mostly just spamming units from barracks or stables or whatever.

I don’t know about professional players tho and felt like this mechanic may allow mansabdar training to be more common.

Wanted to know what you guys think.


I had proposed that they arrive at the metropolis destination when they were trained, but I also like this idea. It would be like promoting a soldier to a higher rank.

If it somehow breaks the balance, it could be enabled for later ages (industrial age and imperial age)

The only problem with mansabdar is that they are easily identified and killed first, defeating the point of making them. Unless you micro hard to keep them safe and still closer to other units.

How broken is this feature in AoM with atlanteans?? It could work here too.

Its interesting that you propose this today, I thought yesterday some similar for aztecs about becoming JPK into SK, but that could be veeeeery broken hahaha.