Proposition to add a second UU for the Persians

So, I was thinking that maybe it’s time to introduce a second unique unit for the Persians. Yes, I know that the Persians are buffed, but I see that the Persians might benefit from it from historical perspective.

Meet Usabari. The unit will be similar to Genitour/Steppe Lancer. In order to make it balanced and historically accurate at the same time, I will suggest to remove either Cavalry or Knight lines or we can keep it as is and just add it instead of absent (for historical and balance reasons), Battle Elephants and Steppe Lancers.

The historical perspective here is that Persians were renown cavalrymen throughout the Middle Ages so a unit that describes them perfectly is beneficial. Usabari will be available in the Castle Age at the Stables while it’s Heavy or Elite upgrade will be available in the Imperial Age.

If he will be placed instead of absent Genitour/Steppe Lancer, his stats will be identical to that unit.




You cant put ever historical thing into game.

Persians are already one of the best cavalry ( maybe number one) civ in the game.Persians weakness is they have no power unit. Changing mahouts and giving them some kind of ####### tech will be enough.


Franks? Lithuanians? Berbers? Persians might have basically a full stable, but they aren’t the number one cav civ.


Depends what stands behind it. I personally look at the things from historical perspective. For example, Berbers have Camel Archer and Genitour, so I was thinking maybe something similar should be done with the Persians, maybe removing their Knight-line and add this guy instead. I look at the Mongols. For example, there too we have complete Stable, but we have no Paladin and instead we have Steppe Lancers. We can do the same thing with the Persians: Remove Paladin and add Usabari (as a version similar to Steppe Lancer/Genitour). Historically accurate and balanced in my opinion, at least.

Nobody says that they are not, but adding more variety won’t hurt.

Isn’t the War Elephant their power unit? Like, it’s “the power” when it comes to HP and attacks. Or you meant something else?

Paladin is not a power unit. You need tons of invesment to reach and get dominated by halbs and they dont have bonus like franks have so persians facing with lack of powerspike.
Persians have camels, lith and franks dont have. Also Persians have war elephant which is a heavy cav.

yes, yes it is. Paladin is absolutely a power unit.


Paladin is one of the best power units in the game.

As soon as you get it, if you don’t have trade, you might need to go all-in, before halbs show up. Besides, you don’t have to just make palas, and you most certainly don’t have to fight halbs with them.

Liths and Franks have halbs, and better eco bonuses. I’d rather have that over camels any day.

Heavy cav, yes. Totally useless most of the time because it’s too slow and expensive? Also yes.


If you have cheap paladins like burgundians or extra hp and ut like franks or extra attack like liths: Yes it is but ordinary paladin can be easly get dominated by halbs. That is why paladin upgrade ## # #### move.

Don’t fight halbs then? Palas are much faster, and there’s nothing to say you can’t support them with a unit to counter halbs.


So do Persians, though?

I think depending on how one defines ‘the best’ cavalry civ, Persians can totally fit that definition by having FU Hussars, Paladins, Camels, and War Elephants. That’s their unique aspect of the civ.

That’s not what IMO makes one ‘the best’ cavalry civ, but it would fit a definition at least.

(One could argue if to have that complete stable uniqueness back post-Steppe Lancer, would giving them do anything tho and does that fit historically etc 11)

Huh, true. Didn’t even consider that, because camels were brought up as an important thing. Besides, technically speaking, I never actually said Persians didn’t, just that I would rather have halbs and a better eco bonus over camels.

I think to be the best, you have to be able to do meaningful stuff with the stables successfully. And because Persians lack some of the fancy bonuses other civs have, they can’t do it as well.

Paladins just get dominated by halbs period (provided you’re insane enough to try to fight them without some type of advantage), doesn’t make them NOT a power unit though.

No, but it was implied. ;p

Yeah, and that’s your definition. I’m not saying I agree (with either), I’m just saying those are all defintions of how one would consider a civ to be the best cavalry civ.

Anyway, Paladins are absolutely a power unit @ElectricEye - Paladin beats Halberdier one on one. Paladin fights almost every other thing one on one and wins. Halberdiers don’t, because they’re a counter unit. Most Paladin civs (if not all) have means of dealing with Halberdiers. That’s usually the design of civs anyway - you either have really heavy counter bonuses, or a power unit + something. Or in some civs case, several power units. 11

Burgundians - solid skirms, hand cannons, heck even their UU
Cumans - Kipchaks
Franks - UU
Huns - Skirms, cav archers
Lithuanians - Skirms
Magyars - Cav Archers
Persians - trashbows
Spanish - Skirms, hand cannons
Teutons - Handcannons probably best option

not listed - Byzantines, Celts as i wouldn’t call them “Paladin civs”.

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I was about to comment on the War Elephant but thought that the people will start to boo me here. My stance on War Elephant is that it should have an Asian look, not African. This is not my “invention” it was stated numerous of times before on this and other forums such as Reddit that the War Elephant look a lot like African elephant then Asian elephant which was dominant in Persia.

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Well, Franks, Lithuanians, Persians, and Teutons also get Hand Cannons to deal with Halberdiers. Arguably better than Skirms anyway as all you need is Chemistry. Perhaps Cumans are the only one that might struggle with Halberdiers, lacking Bracer really hurts everything. (But that’s why they have the speediest Paladins of all, to run away!)

(Also, Teutons have the most options, really. From UU to Infantry to Hand Cannons, to Siege, to even Castles with Crenellations…)

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Teutons actually have one of the sickest lategames in the game. It’s so weird even a lot of pros seemingly completely underestimate the Teuton lategame power.
Their only “issue” is imo the lack of husbandry which makes their cavalry play weird in the midgame.

I don’t think Persians really need any “addition” to their game. If just the War Eles would be more useful, this Civ would be in a really great spot.


What makes them useless? They have the highest HP, and are better then Siege Rams. I think in this case, it’s Siege Rams that should be labeled as “useless”.

Wrong, Mahouts are fine as they are. I’m curious, what tech are you proposing instead of Mahouts?

Silly Britons, always die to useless things…


At what? Fighting? Yes. Destroying buildings? No way.

What? Siege rams are very much not useless, they are incredibly good at destroying bases, which is their intended purpose.