Pros/Cons of the new civs

Seeing the stats for the four new civs being added in the game. What do you guys think the pros and cons are of each civ?

You should go see the vids of on T90’s, Viper’s and Hera’s channels, they discussed the new civs but they have different opinions so it’s worth watching them all.

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could you quickly sum up in which they are contradictory?

Honestly I just want to see Cuman douches in 1v1 ranked settings. There was that one huge, huge beta thread about Cumans and this is really the only “only this new civ can do this” strategy that came out of that beta thread or any other beta civ discussion thread.

For instance the Viper thinks the Tatars are average and the upside of the Keshik aren’t that strong, while T90 thinks they will be super good and think the Keshik can be a good investment for getting gold. For lithuanians Viper gives more credit to the Leitis, for the Bulgarians there is not so much differences, and everyone agree Cumans are borderline OP (at least now there is a civ that is even worse than Aztecs on water lol)


No all we were in the beta…