Protecting Elephants strategies?

Many got the basic idea to counter elephants, spears, monks. onagers, scorpions and some unique units. But do you have any tips on protecting war elephants/battle elephants from counter units?

So, they can do their job. Destroy buildings and kill gold heavy units like paladins. Let’s say this a team game. So, you have some allies to help you out. What civ is great for supporting slow and tanky units like elephants?

skirms and light cav. skirms counter spears and light cav handle the monks and siege.


Legit question here.

Who win in a massed combat (equal resources): paladins or elite BE?

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Would you also go skirms and light cav in team games as well?

Oh sure, the paladins win by mass of numbers.

But if the elephants outnumber the paladins (mass trade, great economy etc), the elephants will win by population efficiency. A Paladin is usually 180 hp. Where is a War Elephant has 620 hp. Plus elephants do splash damage. Plus as Persians, you may be mixing in your own paladins/halbs. You have to brainless as Persians to only make elephants.

obviously not, i let my team mates archers or knights take care of the issue and keep pressing that elephant button.

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According to AoE combat simulator even Malian elephants are cost effective against Paladins (actually performing THE best), worst are Vietnamese elephants, but even they win. Really did not expect Vietnamese BE to be the worst actually.

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But i asked for battle elephants (i play vietnamese a lot lastly). However, your points are still valid

True, I feel your pain. At least viet skirms are better to counter halberdiers.

I think what hurts them most is the lack of Blast Furnace. Still I’ll take vietnamese Cavalry, over Japanese cavalry every day. I find the elephants still more useful than Burmese ones. They make quite the nice meatshield/siege if your opponent goes for knights. Definitely a better option than rams/mangonels.

With WE, them because of trample damage. With BE it depends by what civs, they can still win, but it depends on how the damage is spread.
Probably the best ones are viets and khmer ones.

For civ I don’t know, but usually archers and HC counter both pikes and camels, while hussars counter monks and siege, BBC also can be comes in handy.

Thats true, however you can’t handle siege+halb at the same time.

Archer civs. Britons can be really good.

And the Persian player might be wise to add Hussars to his army too in case skirms tried to kill the arbalesters

Tho, trashbows for Persians are a decent option too. But that requires decent extra eco

This isn’t for team games, but I think Burmese have unexplored elephant support options with their half-off Monastery upgrades, i.e. Atonement to counter enemy Monks, and Faith in the late game. Skirmishers are still a need for fighting Spearman. Burmese Skirmishers only having the Feudal Age archer armor upgrade matters less with Battle Elephants still being good tanks vs. archer units. And Howdah makes Burmese Battle Elephants even tankier against archer units for a food/wood price that gets a boost to affordability from the Burmese’s free Lumber Camp upgrades.

I think all of ranged units can be useful. Bombard cannons can handle siege but I am not sure elephant civs has bombard cannon.

I was using my monks and converting them back 11.

I do not think you need much to protect Elephant armies, since the Elephants themselves are the protector unit (a lot of HP and Armour) to other more frail backliners.

The only unit that “protects” Elephants somewhat, are Skirmishers, which you use to kill the only thing that can actually threaten a mass of Elephant units: Halberdiers.

Everyone’s wrong.

The only (real) threat to massed Battle Elephants is massed Siege. Halbs do fine in large numbers as well, so you’ll need some sort of effective backline to kill the Halbs.

You need BBC’s, Hussars, or a suitable siege sniping option. Vietnamese/Malay have BBC. Khmer have Hussar. Burmese have Arambai. Malay, Vietnamese and Khmer all have FU arbalest for the halbs.

I’d mention the Khmer scorps, but it’s really expensive to go Elephants and scorps, practically impossible to afford, and the army becomes extremely slow and clunky.

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They die easily to halbs.

We want to kill halbs and monks, we add either skirms or archers

You need a unit to kill Siege or else massed siege will kill the elephants pop efficiently. It sucks that the Khmer’s only option to do so is Hussar, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid using it. You’ll have to micro around the halbs as best you can and hope to take good engagements. Which is why I constantly, emphatically state that the Malay have a better Elephant push than the Khmer. Because the Khmer’s supporting cast is horrible.

You’ll still need a backline unit to kill halbs, but if you don’t have a unit that efficiently deals with massed Onagers, Halbs are not and should not be your main concern. To assert otherwise is foolishness.

And ofc, against massed monks Hussars are also the answer.

True, but a Briton player can use Longbows.

BBC is a decent choice too. (Better than Longbows ofc)

But Hussars can die to Halb + SO