Provide a Rome-only DLC option

The main thing I’m concerned about with this Return to Rome DLC is that you MUST get the AoE1 game mode in order to get the Romans as an AoE2 civ. As someone who isn’t interested in AoE1 at all, likes to get every AoE2 DLC pack available, and who plays on a laptop with limited storage space, I think it would be a great idea to have an option to only purpose the Romans civ (for a much lower price, of course). I’m probably not gonna touch the AoE1 game mode, and I don’t want to pay 15 bucks for just one civ. I think providing an option for players to only purchase the Romans civ and accompanying campaign (if there is one) would be really good.

The Return of Rome DLC is 30 GBs, which is about half of the remaining storage I have on my laptop. There should definitely be a way to avoid purchasing the AoE1 part of the pack.


wait for it to go on sale

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There’s still the issue of storage. And no, I don’t want to have to wait to play the new civ if I don’t have to.


Same thought. I’m not an AOE1 fan. And I’ll probably will never play Return of Rome. Only new aoe2 civ is my interest. $10.57 is out of question for 1 AoE2 civ. I’ll wait till it gets a massive discount like $2 or $2.50. Alternatively a Romans civ only separate half DLC will work.

well, then buy it at full price. I don’t see how your argument differs from saying ‘I only want to own the civ for multiplayer, why do i need to pay for the campaigns as well?’

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Without the HD textures, AOE2 DE is currently weighing 10.4 GB on my laptop (every DLC owned), while the system requirements on Steam say it needs 43 GB. And it has much more content than the AOE1 content will bring (42 civs vs 17, 40-ish campaigns vs 3…).

I doubt ROR will weigh 30 GB if you do not install the HD textures, the number just don’t add up. Probably closer from 7 GB looking at the numbers.


Campaigns aren’t a whole game bundled in with the content you actually want to play. $10 for two or three civs you’re guaranteed to play and campaigns you might play is quite the bargain compared to $15 for one civ you’re going to play and 17 you definitely won’t.

Steam page now added that Aoe2 Romans can be played in SP and unranked MP. I think there is no more need for Romans only DLC.

Why is that?

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Because I hope there will be some free mod to use Romans civ in unranked and SP.

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There probably will be, to be honest, but I’m not sure it would be entirely ethical.

They should give away Rome freely or should provide it with another dlc with way lower price. i would go for 3$

Does that mean we get civ with the update and no need to buy the DLC?

No, unfortunately. You still have to buy it, which is a load of nonsense.

It definitely is … even if you wait for sales it will take 2-3 years to come down to a reasonable price… if it comes down to that, so its kinda like this year we aoe 2 players are getting nothing which is sad

What about another option of allowing the user to disable AOE1 content or the AOE1 game in the AOE2 client? Rather than having AOE1 as a constantly installed feature for those that wouldn’t play it.

I also find it strange that 1 new civilization (Lac Viet) & 2-3 new campaigns weigh 1/3 of what AOE:DE was (10GB more than 20GB = 30GB)?

Let’s hope another DLC will drop this year.

Romans wouldn’t be available for ranked multiplayer?


This is May , half a year is almost done… I don’t see any window for a new DLC in aoe 2 this year… waiting for some news for AOE 3 or 4

nope, they forgot to balance it XD