Provide a Rome-only DLC option

Other DLC with new civs like Lords of the West was 2x civs for $10. So I think $5 is a reasonable price for 1x civ.

For having no campaigns, no ranked multiplayer, no longer being bound by timeline, reusing scenario editor units as UU, it should be priced $2 reasonably.


Creating new civ isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are three new campaigns.

I too hate how it’s not longer a middle ages game.

Oh, so we won’t be able to play Romans on the ranked ladder?

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The new campaigns are not for AoE2 DE base game, it is for RoR (AoE1 DE) civs
and I know what it takes to create new civs, I have created for my Dharma Expansion Mod Project.

Yes look 2 posts above your post.

In case you refer to the store page on Steam - I wouldn’t read much into that as they also list 30 GB as the requirement on the pages of Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes and Dynasties of India. Seems like it just has been copied over.


Ah ok. I’m definitely not buying it then. Seems pointless unless you play single player campaigns.

So, as far as i saw.
Romans are single player and “unranked”?
How is so? Can you play a custom game with a friend but not online? That make no sense at all, i dont really get it.

Also to me is a SCAM force to buy AoE1 in order to get something for AoE2.

So many time waiting for this scam feels really bad.

Unofficial: It does appear that way.

The uUs have been in the game for a while so the only new things are the wonder and castle


Now Steam store shows its 3 GB.


The first post doesnt make much sense. He or she doesnt seem to like parts of the DLC, so he want to splits the DLC in parts for lower prices.

To make a comparison with older DLCs: in play mainly ranked, so why do i care about the scenarios? I dont want to pay for them. So give me a cheaper option to only buy the new civs without the scenarios for a cheaper price. This complain wont make any sense either. OP is doing kind of the same.

But that is not how it works. The DLC is a full package. You buy all or nothing.

Very bad comparison actually. Breaking a DLC into SP vs MP content is totally different from breaking a merge of two-game DLC into which game you prefer.

Yes, we just updated it to 3GB to reflect the real size. :partying_face:

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I hope you consider adding the Romans to the ranked ladder. As someone else said, ranked matches are a good way to determine balance, and it will be hard to do so without ranked experience.

I don’t play ranked, so I couldn’t care less, but it’s still a major concern.