Hi , since i dont see any post talking about this , i migh be the first one to talk about it! So lets start.

Ok , so Age of Empires twitter made a announcement today saying that they are going to reveal the achievements of aoe4 today and they did :

Here it is the full list and blog post of what they said:

Age of Empires IV Achievements Revealed - Xbox Wire

These are my favorites :+1:
Captura de pantalla 2021-10-11 210846

These 3 achievements are a reference to the First trailer of aoe4 , back in 2017.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-11 211047

This one … well i dont think i am gonna explain why i do like it.

And there are a lot more that i do like but i dont want to spoil more of them , go see the full list of them right here : Age of Empires IV Achievements Revealed - Xbox Wire


What do you think about them?

Civilization Mastery ? I wonder what that is , perhaps something we haven’t seen yet ?

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we had , in beta when you finish a game it says something about mastery civ , but the full thing will come in launch , it was seeing in the code of the game and now it is confirmed by this

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Sounds like scenarios similar to the art of war scenarios, but specifically tailored towards learning the civ mechanics. Also, art of war scenarios seem to be in the game as well. That’s great news.

Edit Apparently I am wrong (see above). :slight_smile:

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mastery civ is like “challanges” , and when you complete those “challanges” they give you xp for your profile and more cosmetic things.

(this is how i think its gonna be , because when you finish a match it says this : “English_mastery_complete” and they give you xp , so i thinking rn that it is going to be like some level up thing or something like that

Massive loss of pun-potential with not being called “The Beacons are lit” or “Gondor Calls for Aid”


looooooooooooool lmao hahahah , thats right

“Now all of china knows you’re here!”

The article was posted on the news page but has now been taken down or is otherwise broken.

So if you go to the link that was posted on the Steam store page, it still works.

However, these appear to be presented as XBox achievements. My question would be whether the Steam version will feature the very same list of achievements? I would hope / expect so.

Yeah probably it will , don’t worry about that

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Pretty stock and mostly boring, ngl.
I hope hidden ones are more intricate.

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“ Having a Blast Destroy 5 enemies with a single Demolition Ship detonation.”

I think this one will be the hardest to do and based on luck :joy: co incidentally having 5 ships bunched up together enough to be taken out all at once! You’d need to start a multi player game and ask a friend to bunch their ships up :joy: I wonder if you can get achievements from multiplayer games

yeah , that sounds prety hard haha , i think you should be able to complete SOME challanges but not all though in mp if you ask me

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I’m a little dissapointed that there are no mission-specific achievements like in AoE2, yeah the hidden ones could be mission-specific, but even if they are I feel like there’s too little of those. I was expecting 20 or 30 mission-specific achievements, those are my favorite.

i can only assume this will only apply to microsoft users…either way, not much bearing on the gameplay…so not much attention given

Gameplay wise 90% of them look to be just play the game, and cheese them if you just want to do them quickly.

I would much prefer there were more achievements that required actual effort and were satisfying to complete. A few for little Timmy to feel good about opening up the game and play his first game is fine, but you can do a lot with actual interesting hard ones that give 100s of hours of extra content once the normal game is finished.

Have to see at release though as this list doesn’t really tell you that much.


I’m glad there are no grindy achievements like get 100 or 1000 wins, which are pretty cheeseable as well, I’d like to see things like finish X campaign on hardest difficulty, or do X thing in this mission.

I’m surprised because even CoH2 had achievements like that.

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this will be also for steam , like in aoe2 or aoe3