Punish early quitters in 1v1

Can we please introduce some penalty system for early quitters? Recently i face many 1v1 games in which my opponent just quits after 5-10 minutes. This makes no sense at all to me.

I know there are multiple threads about this subject in th past, but i just faced multiple quitters within the first 10 minutes (there was no fight at all) in a row and i need a place to tell my frustration. I really hate it if those players just waste my time.

I must say: I do report these players, but i dont actually know if they exist already some reason to ban those players. If such reason dont exist, please add this reason.

For me joining the ranked queue and getting into a game is an agreement that you want to play a game. Therefore just quitting early is something not done to me. Since to many players seems to quit, i really hope the devs will add some punishment system to the game, like also other RTS games has.

This behaviour isnt only about wasting my time, but it also messes with your elo, so if your elo gets inflated because you play against some quitters in a row, your next game will also more unbalanced and thus have worse quality.

And if we start with such punishment system in 1v1, then also add it to teamgames please.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn’t connection issues?

  2. Did you rush them? Even though no fighting, like if they saw your tower or drush or something which would cause them to quit?

Which game punishes an opponent from quitting “early”? Please tell me.

I’m not sure a punishment system is the way to go. I was thinking that in situations like what you describe, maybe the rankings can take into account early exits due to quitting or connection drops. Perhaps something like your ELO doesn’t change at all if you “win” a game in under 10 minutes (or whatever appropriate amount of time) and in this way you don’t move up the rankings without the necessary experience. I’m not sure why these people bother to play ranked games if they are just going to quit so early, but people aren’t going to change any time soon.
My suggestion won’t solve the early quitters, but hopefully it would ease or eliminate the problem of gaining ELO and facing tougher opponents when you haven’t really got the experience that matches your ELO. Hope that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

If i remember correctly from a T90 stream there is a different in the text between resiging and connection error. So yeah, i am sure it was a resign and no connection issue.

No, i didnt rush at all. I was almost up to feudal age and didnt made any military at all. Even my initial eagle didnt show up in his base.

Such kind of systems are pretty common in mulitplayer games.

Problem is that some players also quit to loose elo and beat noobs, so i dont know how that will work in your system.

Also your system can result in just quitting if you dont like your opponent, so you can dive your opponents, which is also bad.

I do think: Why do we need to come up with a new system, if there are already multiple games with some penalty system, which we just can apply on this game as well.

Well then what about adding this - a game that lasts under a certain length of time give no ELO nor takes ELO away. I am not a hard-core gamer so I don’t know about other games that have punishment systems, but it’s obviously not a problem exclusive to AoE. It’s frustrating because we’d all prefer devs spending their time squashing bugs and improving gameplay.
I suppose my inclination is more to find a way to reward people for positive actions rather than punish because it just means people will work to find a way around the punishment. Thanks for your comments, though - they gave me some more to think about! :+1:

It might be helpful for you to rewatch those games from the opponent’s perspective. Maybe they lost a villager to a boar? Maybe the score difference was too much? If you use view lock, it might show if they were actively playing rather than trolling.

As far as inflating your elo, maybe you actually deserve the higher elo due to your perseverance? Being able to regroup and adapt to what appears to be a losing position or difficult map can win many games. Those individuals may just not have that fortitude, thus their elo is rightfully lower than yours.


Isn’t losing ELO enough punishment? Dont you want to play better opponents, even if you lose? I know from experience that people tend to quit early when they mess up their build order or rage quit. Also I dont think you are wasting you time as your still getting play time that is building skill.

You know that:

  1. it may be connession issues
  2. someone could have a irl problem outside of the game
  3. at 10 minutes (especially at low elo) there could be plenty of reason to resign: you didn’t found your boars or sheep, you lost 1 or 2 vills at boars, tc killing your own sheeps, laming etc.

That’s a whole different issue

Let me give you a practical example of why it could be bad to introduce a penalty for 10 min quitters: once I had a lovely game where I lamed three cows and a boar, then he lost his scout while trying to counter lame. By the minute 8 or something he had no scout (therefore no intel) and half his starting food. The game was over as soon as I took his cows and boar and he knew it. He quitted as soon as he saw 3 man at arms and a tower going up on his berries, but i would had not blamed him if he would have quitted as soon as his scout died


This is the only correct take in this thread.

Early quitting is part of the game and allowed. You win ELO and that’s your reward. He loses ELO and that’s his punishment.

Changing the people’s payoff to quit at any point doesn’t work without unintended consequences. For example, if I lose the game by minute 7, but there’s extra penalty for quitting before min10, I waste 3mins in a game for no reason.

gaining or losing elo shouldnt be any type of reward for anybody below the top100. it makes no sense for a low rated player to get elo because the other one quits. he will then play against too strong opponents for him in the next matches. the guy quitting on the other hand will than have matches against lower rated players and easily defeat them, ruining their fun. thatswhy there needs to be another system like forced waiting times before the next match or something like that.

I sometimes get a message “your opponent has disconnected, a safe file has been created. Would you like to leave the game without viewing the map?” does this not always happen?

There are a lot of reasons for a person to leave early that are legitimate. So I dont think all early quitters should be punished.

What I think we need to find a way to punish is smurfs. Not sure how it can be done, but guys tanking 20 straight games so they can demolish noobs just really isn’t cool.

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