Punishing leavers

Hi so I was reflecting on the current system of match ranking and leavers. My understanding is that after 1 minute the game is ranked no matter what even if people leave for no reason.

I’d like to see a second time period where if people leave up to say ram rush timing that leaving will give them a “leaver status” and that they would only receive 1/2 of positive elo changes for a period until it has been worked off. That would be a simple way to keep down the riff raff on the elo ladder multiplayer side.

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What exactly is that? :smiley:

ROFL GTFO… Not only does this help smurfs, but it sure doesn’t stop people like me who don’t care about elo, and it’s also irrational.

Let’s say both players on a team decide the game is doomed before your irrational “ram rush period” how do they resign without the first one to do so being called a leaver?

Let’s say 2 out of 3 players on a team realise its doomed and the 3rd troll decides he wants to troll the enemy and stay?

What about the times a player gets matched with ultra noob and they dont want to slog it out for a 99% guaranteed loss?

Ffs man there’s so many problems with this…

If anything YOU are the riff raff, im sick of how many times some ally says “no we can still win this” when the enemy has double the score, map control and wiped both our armies. Because the guy has some kind of hero of the story complex and imagines he’ll win just because he wants to…

Regarding the lack of 1min grace period, I have lost elo twice this week because of this. Once my teammate had a black screen upon entering the game, another time my teammates game crashed right away.

Both times I had to resign and lose points.

Pure incompetence from the gamedevs.

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hmmm the only way I see this working is if in team games you could only “resign” if the whole team agrees to resign. I also don’t like early leavers but not really sure what can be done about it. Ofcourse any player who doesn’t give a ■■■■ could just force quit his game and effectively “resign” before his team agrees, but I guess maybe this could mean the player is then banned from ranked games for an hour or something… Ofcourse the fact that some people can lose internet connection and dorp adds another complicating factor that needs to be taken into account.

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There is no early grace period any more. It was something from the past. This was already patched some months ago.

The best way to fix this, is to introduce an early leavers time penalty. Many multiplayer games have such kind of penalty. They shows us such system will work.

Players who quit in the first minutes of the game dont care about the team. They just dont want to play that map (most likelly the reason) or something like that. They just alt+F4. So only resigning if the team agrees, is no solution to the problam for me.

Yea but still if you made it so they had to wait say an hour before they could get into another ranked game then they might think twice before doing it? :man_shrugging:t2:

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bump this is not fixed.

I’m not talking about situations where the game is legitimately over say ~90 % sure and someone leaves. Thats ok.

If your in a team game and you make a mistake or get doubled, you have to give your teammates a chance to compensate. That might involved you doing nothing but TC camping and repping of throw eco until your teammate wins rolling the map. Don’t feel bad about this victory. Its sweaty but rewarding. If people quit at the first sign of trouble then they shouldn’t be getting normal loss penalties, it should be more like 3-4x elo loss and there are easy algorithms to determine this based on the timing people can get 4 rams built on 1 TC.

Did you realize that this issue cannot be fixed ?
Some people might mentioned it before, There are some people who got disconnected or have game crashed. These problems rarely happened to me but they still happen sometimes. Like every 50 to 100 games and I might get disconnected once. I don’t think the people who did not resign on purpose should be punished.
The elo punishment is not enough. The lower elo people got, the less they care about it. The people who care about elo won’t resign early.
IMO, just don’t party with the people with low win rate in 2k+ elo games.

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and again and ignorant view of you since yes it might help smurfs

to this

theres called a will of surviving and it can also work you would just abbandon them straight up since even with double points there is a slim chance to take and rather then just giving up its something to grasp and try i mean if it fails then sure its over but premature leaving doesnt help the game

also that from someone who doesnt care about elo but about the people who plays with him… i honestly think that no matter the person there is no (real) slog its more of an annoyance on your part because your mostly blame your teammates

Its the matter of TC survival. Even if your countering a 1v2 1 TC all in using your 1 TC defend. There are plenty of instances where this grantees your teammate has a chance to either catch them off guard at home with his 1 TC play or pop out to 2 or 3 TC’s and win the game with an uninterrupted macro.

If your TC is not totally dead then no-one should be leaving, just doing everything in their power to keep the enemy on his toes, and his attention of his own eco.

In regards to helping smurfs who cares, those people are intentionally playing below their level to achieve a lower elo so they can switch gears to get back up to their elo. If everyone put their driver’s licenses into their machine to get internet access, smurfing would just be self destruction, but since we have multi-account players they get to punish a small segment of players.

Most of this is paranoia though and most players who are accused of smurf throwing are just having a bad day. So making any serious decisions based of the concept of smurfing is just idiotic.

Too many people get their knuckle bruised with a 3 barbarian push or some 2 range push and just throw in the towel way before the game is determined. All I’m asking is the rules to be altered to punish those rage-quit toddlers instead of just making the system archaic.

This “never surrender” attitude of going crazy when a team-mate resigns is the same kind of player who transports his last villagers to random places on the map and walls them in behind fortified walls.
Nobody cares about Team Game ELO. Just play 1v1 if ELO is so important to you.

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or maybe instead of early surrender try to communicate with your team instead of just surrendering and get the best/worst outcome. atleast you tryd tho

if elo is important it would matter in tg and in 1v1 as it does usually

I prefer 2v2’s and above because I enjoy trading and team coordination. If elo is involved, people care some. Denying that fact to non-1v1ers is unfair.

Such issue clearly involving lots of people is gonna be tough to deal with while pleasing everyone. People can even leave when he’s playing the game during work and don’t want to get suspicious (lmao ik but that’s real). It is difficult to figure out the exact reason why people quitting at any given time other than maybe the first minute. Microsoft would’ve introduced AI to monitor player behaviours in game and analyse the possible reason when a player quit to determine if that one dude deserves a ban or not. That’s sounds complicated and can backfire.

play casual at work like any sane person would