PUP: April Hotfix Build #82459 - Notes

In case you aren’t aware - there’s currently a PUP going on with a hotfix for the April patch:

Bug Fixes:

  • Units stop attacking enemy foundation when it becomes building.
  • Villagers continue walking to TC and garrison even though the bell buton was ““unclicked””."
  • Game crashes upon closing the title after exiting a Multiplayer match while a monk holds a relic
  • Out of Sync when playing a MP lobby game
  • New sheep now get killed instead of a dead one
  • Hotkeys: Toggle Idle Pointer hotkey doesn’t work.
  • Organ Gun bugfixes
  • Gameplay: Unable to select a Palisade next to a building.
  • Gameplay: Villagers block themselve when building palisades
  • Hotkeys: Unable to select 2 control groups using shift.
  • Gameplay: Bombard Tower has 92% accuracy when Greek Fire is researched.

Any idea what the organ gun fix is specifically? There was seemingly something wrong with their damage against multiple enemies. Where they actually performed worse against larger groups and better against small groups or individual units.

Is that fixed?

Was it the narrow spread? It felt like a bug. it was only damaging one unit.

OMG :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

seems pathing still have some issue

  • Fixed an issue where Organ Guns would largely ignore hill bonuses/penalties
  • Fixed an issue where converted Elite Organ Guns would deal the damage of unupgraded - Organ Guns unless the player had researched the Elite upgrade themselves
  • Fixed an issue where Organ Guns missed shots would only deal half damage instead of the intended full damage
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Organ Gun projectiles from dispersing properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused Organ Guns projectiles to pass between units without hitting them
  • Increased projectile dispersion from 0.25 to 0.6
  • Reduced the number of projectiles from 6 to 5 (7 to 6 for Elite)
  • (Elite) Organ Gun gain +1 damage against Skirmishers

Thank u! 20 chars…

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+1 bonus dmg does nothing against elite skirms right? Like the old +1 bonus, dmg against rams that did nothing at all

That is because the game uses the minimum 1 dmg at the very end including bonus, dmamage.
So the normal dmg of organ gun 9, eskirms have 9 plate armor
So the total damage is

With bonus dmg: max (9-9 + 1 bonus dmg, 1) = 1
Without bonus dmg max ( 9-9,1)=1
meaning no change.

Is thsi intended devs?
Why not just make organ guns affected by chemistry?

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I think it ignores armor. It will be partially useful. As far as I remember bonus damage ignores armor.

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Elite skirmishes end with 8 pierce armour, so organ guns now do 2 dmg instead of 1.


This has been considered by @Geojak92 's calculation.
But he used the PA of an imperial skirm and not a (non Lithuanian) elite skirm.

So the EOG will deal +1 damage to elitr skirms, and +0 to imperial skirms (assuming regular FU).

I think the devs could increase the bonus to +2 or +3. But well… I am fine with the current changes, I didnt experiment the difference of the OG overall, so cannot say much…


Sadly Go Back to Work button doesn’t seem to be fixed as per patch notes, hope it’ll be fixed soon. So annoying!


What the heck does this mean???


Sometimes villagers kill a new sheep after ungarrisoning from tc instead of collecting from a dead one


I wonder how they’re implementing that? 100% accuracy?

Imagine The work like scorpion bolts now. Then the unit cooild actually work in doing dmg to groups properly

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