PUP April - My Feedback

Before anything, I want to give a HUGE Thank You to the devs. Age of Empires III is my favorite AoE, and is good to see AoE III get the love and attention it deserves. I hope this supports keeps rolling for a real long time!

So, Spanish. I never liked them that much due to the bad end-game eco and weak units, but I always found them to be an interesting civ due to their archaic focus.

This update still don’t give what they need, in my opinion:

  • They need an eco buff for Treaty games.

  • Rodelero is a unit I never understood what their role is, I’ve read the information in the game and on the AoE Wiki but they still feel useless.

  • With the nerf on Unction, the Melee infantry and all cavalry will be weaker than before, because only Ranged Infantry got the 25% damage Buff card to compensate. There should be 3 new cards with Buffs to Melee Infantry, Melee Cavalry and Ranged Cavalry to compensate, or a buff to the existing cards.

  • I always thought that Auras units and buildings should have bigger Aura range, the Unction got a buff on it, but still not enough in my opinion.

  • Slighty nerf Missionaries speed.

  • Spanish pikeman was the only pikeman that could reach Imperial Upgrade in the original game. On Definitive Edition this was changed and some other civs can also upgrade them, but they never are used on post Fortress Age because one thing: they cost Wood. Would be good to have a card to Spain and these other civs that change their price to Food and Coin OR a new building that provides infinite wood at a good rate, but need Settlers, just like Mills and Plantations.

  • Delgado explorer skin, when?

  • No new Home City customizations?

General PUP feedback:

  • Removing pop slot from Healing units was cool, this made Priest and Priestess even more useful for Aztecs and Incans BUT it made Haudenosaunee and Lakota Community Plaza way more weaker when considering population. An easy fix is to made the Haudenosaunee and Lakota Healers able to use the Community Plaza, but they have the same effect as a normal Villager when on the Community Plaza to keep the Cerimonies intact.

And that was my feedback for this PUP. Keep the good work, I’m pure hype for the next civ - BRAZIL! :smile:


The haciendas will bump spain economy in late game to over that of many civs, since they will have 99 workers, 2 factories, Spanish gold and haciendas with livestock.

If anything, Spain will likely require adjustments in the late game.

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Their eco in treaty is not bad, they are on pair with other euro civs, they have all eco cards except food silos i think, wich is the least important, and only few civs have all eco cards, so their eco it’s not awesome or one of the best but is pretty good

Yeah, they counter cavalry and are particulary good because they can almost chase them but in my opinion they have way too little attack, i understand it’s because of their speed, so they can even melee cannons and skirms but still is way too little imo, but that’s why i’m working in some little stat changes to melee infantry…

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They can reach ranged infantry and make raids like cav. They are a good unit.


Valen lo mismo que un guerrillero así que al principio salen muy caros, y con respecto a lo de arriba recuerda que los holandeses pueden tener 11 bancos que pueden tener monedas de 3,15 cada uno sin usar población, los franceses tienen coureur des bois que son mejores que los aldeanos estándar en todos los sentidos y los alemanes tienen a los carretones de colonos así que España al tener 2 haciendas no cambia mucho el asunto ya que no aumentara su numero de aldeanos ni les dará un aldeano especial.

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All of the banks plus the villagers only brings them to a standard vill economy, only 1 card effects the banks too so late game villagers are better when buffed by several eco cards and imperial upgrades.
The french CDB have a lower build limit so in the end it’s equal to a standard max vill economy.

Spain will now have 99 vill eco with all standard upgrades + eco theory, 2 factories and 2 haciendas with which they can put 20 cows on 1 and sheep on the other, so you’re looking at at least 10 villagers worth across both haciendas + the trickles they provide then add on to that spanish gold giving 300g every single shipment that alone is worth quite a few vills in gather time.

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Cuando el bug de las ovejas y vacas sea arreglado, ya no será tan potente cada vaca genera 0,17 de alimento y cada oveja 0,10 con 20 ovejas con suerte tendrás 2,5 de goteo de comida y mejorando las haciendas con cartas y con sus mejora será como de un 3,50 o 3,70 mas lo de las vacas será otro goteo pasivo como de 6,75 de comida (lo saco en comida por que es mas fácil de recolectar en oro será otra historia ya que se recolecta mucho menos, todos los europeos tienen 2 fabricas, (las haciendas por si solas valen mucho menos que la teoría económica, los goteos estándar son los siguientes full mejoras (comida creo que es 1 o 0,90 por segundo y oro es 0,70 por segundo) y recuerda que en late game no vale de mucho la metrópolis ya que los envíos se tardan mas en llegar ya que la experiencia se empieza a devaluar.

True of course it’s not a massive difference, and really only relevant in treaty, The sheep would equal 4 extra villagers and the cows about 7 villagers. It’s still quite a significant eco buff, particularly for treaty where they’ll be gathering constantly for like 30 minutes. Basically an additional 10%.
It’s more of everything added together it becomes quite strong, you have all the regular cards like refrigeration, royal mint, sustainable agriculture. Then they also get eco theory which not every civ gets, then an extra 300 coin every shipment, 2 standard factories and then all the livestock gathering as well. Compare it to mexico for example which doesn’t get royal mint or eco theory, and has a lower maximum villagers to account for the extra eco of cows gathering.
In treaty you also get a lot of shipments from the constant fighting, so I’d imagine the 300g every shipment to be a significant extra.

Puede serlo aunque yo no soy de tratado 40 minutos solo soy de máximo tratado 20 minutos, y también me basaba en que los aldeanos franceses son bastante potentes y recolectan mucho mas que un aldeano común (dato curioso la carta que permite entrenar coraceros en los fuertes mexicanos estos últimos hablan español en lugar de francés xd)

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