[PUP] Bridges bug

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Even without playing with the recent pup, if you create a bridge or remove it through trigger, the game doesn’t recognise the terrain shift. For example, ships will continue to sail over the newly created bridge even if there’s not water anymore and units won’t be able to walk over the bridge even if well there’s a bridge ahead.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Place a destroyed bridge on a water terrain.
  2. Remove the destroyed bridge through trigger and create a walkable bridge in its place.
  3. Test and see.

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Bridge should be walkable even if created through trigger in the middle of the scenario and ships shouldn’t be able to pass over it.

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I can confirm that ships can sail through trigger-created bridge pieces while land units cannot cross them. It’s because the game fails to generate “bridge terrain” upon creating a bridge via triggers, thus the game considers it’s still water terrain.

What you can do as a temporary fix:

  • Create the bridge piece(s) (middle) you need in the editor.
  • Make a trigger that removes the wanted piece(s) on second 1 when you start.
  • When you create new piece(s) on the same spot where the first piece(s) that got removed, then the terrain is still considered “bridge terrain”.
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Brilliant workaround but unfortunately I need the terrain to shift after you complete a certain quest because the bridge serves also the purpose of blocking enemy demo ships after you make it build. So with your workaround those ships would be blocked from the very beginning I guess.

I’m quite sure this bug didn’t happened before and was introduced recently so hopefully they’ll fix it soon!

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Ah yes, I see.

I cannot see any other way to deal with this at the moment indeed :frowning:

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No problem, thanks for the reply!
I’ll write in the hints that the bridge part is bugged (it’s an optional objective anyway).

A crude workaround for that is using teleport triggers.

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I imagine it would be kinda clumsy since units already have lots of troubles simply moving in this game…
But I have hopes they will fix the bridge issue already in the next patch.

Hi @SamePorpoise303
This is issue is already tracked, the team is working on a solution.
Thanks for the report!

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Thank you for the feedback, this issue should now be fixed in PUP build 98674.