[PUP] Bug in units upgrade technologies in Latam Spanish Translation: "Mejorar a Elite" should NOT BE “Mejor a Arquero de Arco Largo Elite” in ALL CIVILIZATIONS

[PUP] Bug in units upgrade technologies in Latam Spanish Translation: “Mejorar a Elite” should NOT BE “Mejorar a Arquero de Arco Largo de Élite” in ALL CIVILIZATIONS

Good morning, I wanted to report a massive bug in the translation of many unit upgrade technology, which I found in not just one, but ALL the Civilizations during the PUP.

I don’t know whether to classify this only as a bug or either bad translation, but I’m sure it’s not correct:
*"All Civilizations without exception, with the Veteran and Elite upgrade techonolgies of "Spearman, Knight, Horsemen, Crossbowman, and even Unique Units, contain a text that says “MEJORAR A ARQUERO LARGO DE VETERANO” y “MEJORAR A ARQUERO LARGO DE ELITE”, wich can be traslated as “Upgrade to Veteran Longbow Archer” or “Upgrade to Elite Longbow Archer”.

Obviously none of the above units are Longbow Archers, however that text appears on each unit’s upgrade technology for the Imperial and Castles age stage.

On the other hand, the upgrade technologies of several units in which the aforementioned bug does not occur are only summarized as “MEJORAR A UNIDAD DE ÉLITE” without mentioning the type of unit. I would suggest the same as in the English version that the type of unit that improves be mentioned so that there wouldn’t be confusion, especially in buildings like the Chinese Lanmark “Spirit Way”, which have only unique unit upgrades. Si no es posible por el momento al menos solucionar el Bug ya mencionado.

I have taken several screenshots of the error with various of the units involved. The bug also affects unique units that do not replace the traditional ones, such as the Chinese Zhuge Nu or the Fire Lancer, even new units as Ghazi Rider or even Keshik. I hope it helps you, my regards.

Screenshots of the Bug


This one is actually super important BUT this should be posted in the bug section of aoe4

(para que me entiendas, que yo tmb hablo español, esto no lo debes publicar aqui, esto debe ser publicado en la pesataña de bugs de aoe4 en el foro, sin embargo buen trabajo encontrando el bug)

@SavageEmpire566 , check this bug and if you can move the thread to the bug section, thank you.


Thanks @GoldenArmorX @WoolCube2971618. This one has been seen and will be investigated.

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