PUP coming to us tomorrow the 7th of june and

With the PUP literally around the corner i, as a china main, am getting anxious to see what direction the devs want to take the game given feedback and their peragotive. Frankly I’m fighting off internal doubts to more nerfs to things i hope dont get nerfed…

If they kill BBQ rush, fine! make TR less rewarding? Ok… but then hopefully they give us something else to do early game? Please dont make this game just a collect sheep, scout then harrass mining with 2 scouts… i hope their direction allows both aggressive and progressive playstyles to flourish…


Where do you see the PUP times? I can’t seem to find them on my own :sweat_smile:

(Nevermind, I found it on another post)

Bu there is a kind of a patch note? I saw a post on FB, but no information at all what are going to change.

The changes are generally released after the PUP