PUP Feedback (and AI)

Just wanted to highlight this from the Season 4 patch notes.

Learnings From Public Update Previews

We appreciate how active you all were during the Public Update Preview! Thanks to your feedback, we were able to take some key actions related to balance. Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes made between the PUP build and now.

  • Buff water bonuses for less popular civilizations on those maps.
  • Revert changes to boar as everyone polled really likes the current behavior.
  • Nerf trade because it’s too effective.
  • Delhi Feudal age compensation to make up for reduced scholar healing in combat.
  • Reduce Malian critical path strategy of going for the fast Farimba Garrison and pumping out tons of reduced cost units.

Hard AI Difficulty

We’ve heard your feedback surrounding the recent changes to the Hardest AI difficulty and will be working to address these concerns in a future update. While we’re still working out specific details and timing, the plan is to revert the Hardest Difficulty AI to its previous implementation in the near future while we look into the best way to adapt existing or introduce new AI difficulty options.

imo, these are both good things to highlight (though I’d personally put them right at the top of the page, instead of near the bottom). Just wanted to make sure people caught them - especially the Hardest AI resource boost. Hoping the devs can communicate a plan for that sooner rather than later (faster turnaround will make everyone affected happier).


I have a lot of mixed feelings about patch notes.

  • Water changes won’t change anything and same civs will be picked in water maps. The issue with water is that civs with good eco on land will simply be able to make more ships and win with pure numbers

  • I strongly dislike the fertile crecent tech for the abbassids, it’s way too strong for a feudal tech. They wanted to give the civ more options but opening eco wing is a no brainer. 500 resources TC plus cheaper vills will make so for most civs the only viable option is to all in against abbassids.

  • Chinese nerf totally unnecessary, specially when almost every other civ is getting buffs and changes. I was on board with the previous nerfs, but now i think they overdid it.

  • Mangudai needs some compensation for the patch nerfs as well.

  • mussofadi nerf was good, but with regards to farimba they could have just made so you need 2 types of resources to make units and kept the discount instead of making so it only costs gold. Most people already learned how to play against it.

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Why would they introduce balance changes that didn’t come up in the PUP? People reacted to the balance changes way better simply because they play the game (take the boar change for instance). Abstract changes are totally unnecessary in this case, you either let people dictate the changes or not.

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Chinese nest of bees finally got fixed which is definitely a buff.

The Song change works out to I think 1 second slower for villagers.

I think Song deserved a slight nerf, but they may need buffs elsewhere.

Song already took a nerf during season 3 though, I dont think this one was necessary.