PUP Feedback: Hotkey customisation

Firstly, big up and thank you to the devs for adding in more customisation to hotkeys! I know it’s a point of contention for many coming from AoE II/III. I wanted to add my own 2 cents on what I felt about the new hotkey changes that have come in with the PUP:

  • Allow the application of the same key to multiple commands. Example, I would like ‘[’ and ‘]’ to be remapped but it then strips these from the Observer panel. I believe this is an option in AoE III DE.
  • Esc key: This will probably cause contention for ex WC3/SC2 guys who could use this key to cancel production queue items. I’m pretty sure you still can’t use ‘Esc’ for anything.
  • Logitech sponsored N4C… So why does their G Hub software not scan for the game, even if owned through Steam? (I realise this is a Logitech problem, just venting).
  • Portability: Is it possible to add the feature to export hotkeys in a list? Say, even something as rudimentary as a .csv list? I’m trying to learn mine and so far, have to Windows Snip each section into an external notebook. This may also help for people attending any LAN games or tournaments.

That’s all I can really think of so far. Apologies if a thread for this already exists elsewhere and thank you for all of your hard work on the game so far. Can’t wait to see civs like the Japanese and Vikings make an appearance!!

NB: Any chance you could sneak in the colour picker as you move this over from beta? :wink:

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