PUP findings

Its that time again Put them here

I will start:
port change comparison, you get more base attack and damage against heavy for less HP (assuming maxed out promotion) and ROF


The poruchik got a hefty nerf to their scaling in order to achieve that age 2 stats

Their base HP is now


base atk


The drummer can now be sniped

China refugee cards now also works on some special buildings (maybe some kind of special maps)

some other stuff which seems to be affecting this building as well
deSPCCommandPost - might want to check what this is

Improved cannon trade doesnt just affect the 3 artillery you get from the Palace, it affects all artillery, including the mercs if you ever roll them like
currently doesnt work with loyal warriors

hoop throwers on unknown maps now do even more damage against diffferent types of infantry lol

add more

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Why did they nerf poruchik age 3 stats where they scale off of, they are trash units even with the buff only being able to train 4 is dumb.


are yall ready for some bugs or weird interactions


Interaction between improved cannon trade and the age 5 arab alliance techs


Aren’t we all here for that?

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Hmm… it was a while ago so please remind me what did I do again?

Command Post (circus tent) seen in historical maps and unknown

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2 new lines were added to the tech that gives them bonus, one to give more bonus heavy infantry and one for hand infantry so now they also super murder pikes and halbs and also do a bit of bonus vs hand shock infantry I guess

“jUsT bUiLd sPieS!!”

Damage bonus 1.0X is assigned

huh you are right so i guess instead of removing the heavy infantry multiplier in the unit they did this for some reason cause the unit in the file still have a x4 vs infantry as base

and the hand infantry one removes the 0.25 multi against hand infantry so its all normal i guess and it only does x4 against infantry now

Yes that was my intent exclusive to the unknown map (or any mod that activates this tech).

Any leftover data like the denmark and poland revs?


I checked for that and I didn’t see any. Granted, I didn’t check the images as that might have been the only location they were found.

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Have you guys seen this beauty? Georgian Hussars!!! Looks like a sending regards to Aoe2 Georgian civilization.


How can I get them? Is there a new native settlement?

I think they’re a unique Russian upgrade.

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They are a russian shipment in age4


Nothing, there’s no new flags and the strings are still there from the patch.

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It is just listed as 17 Hussar shipment in the patch notes.

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