PUP - Hotspot issue for Mongol TC being built

When building a 2nd Mongol TC in the middle of a deer hunt, typically deer will walk inside the walls while it’s being built. I like to shoot them when they do that. For the PUP the Hotspot of the TC is over top the deer, so now you get a hammer symbol instead of a sword. You can only shoot them when they walk outside the walls.

This is an interesting one; I’d love to hear where more people fall here.

Please discuss if you’d prefer that players are able to kill dear inside a construction-in-progress TC—or if players are only able to attack Deer once they are outside of the construction zone. What do you all think?

Would be nice, if you can reproduce it, and record it !

This one.
The animals need to move aside, and then they can get killed and farmed.

I think the whole point of strategically building a TC within a herd of deer is for minimal distance to gather. It makes sense to kill them while they’re inside the walls.