[PUP] keeps crashing after loading the welcome screen

game is crashing after installing the beta.

when uninstalling beta it works normally.

anyone any idea how to solve this?

i use a ryzen 5600 notebook with geforce rtx 3060. lenovo legion. windows 10 64bit

all drivers and updates are installed fresh.


If you already had a folder from any previous PUP (normally found at \Documents\my games\Age of Empires IV - Test), I recommend deleting that before switching to the PUP branch.

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i deletet that folder. but no change. game still crashes after welcome screen and contrast setting.

any other ideas ?

Not sure, sorry. If your laptop can run the regular game just fine I recommend getting your DxDiag.txt and warnings.log (from \Documents\my games\Age of Empires IV - Test, after you’ve crashed) ready for if a dev sees this.

yes. game runs without any problem, when beta is uninstalled

can you explain again how to do this with dxdiag.txt ? and where do i upload the file to get support ? thanks for your help

@MongolStorm Sorry you are experiencing this. We ask that any players encountering this issue to reach out with their Warning Log. You can find that file here: Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV - Test

Please send a copy to Customer Support with a brief description of your experience: https://support.ageofempires.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


i sent the warning.log file yesterday. i hope you guys can help me. would like to play the beta.

thank you.

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Hey @MongolStorm! Are you still experiencing crashes after last week’s update?

hey Microsoft. After the update. no more crashes. thank you.