[PUP] List of bugs in PUP build, organized

[PUP] List of bugs in PUP build, organized

Most of these bugs are errors I’ve found while fiddling with the Essence Editor as well as in-game testing. I’ve organized it by civilization.

  • English

‘Wynguard Footman’ unit’s charge weapon(weapon used for infantry charge attacks) is incorrectly inheriting from Man-At-Arms Age 3 Weapon instead of MAA’s Age 4 charge weapon. Similarly, the unit’s normal weapon is incorrectly inheriting from MAA’s Age 2 weapon instead of Age 4 version. This does not actually create any issues in-game currently, but eventually it might cause issues with botched inheritance in the future.

‘Wynguard Footman’ unit’s SBPS attribute does not have charge option enabled in combat behavior stats. This makes it so that the WF unit CANNOT CHARGE unlike the normal Man-At-Arms unit. On the same token, the unit’s SBPS attribute has incorrect speech codes(archer instead of MAA), even though this actually does not cause any in-game issues. I assume someone just copy-pasted English Archer’s unit attributes to make WF.

In ‘Wynguard Ranger’ unit’s EBPS attributes, sight_package has high inner_height comparable to a Scout unit instead of what is expected of a normal Archer/Longbowman. This makes it so that the Ranger unit can see into stealth terrain like a Scout would. This may be an intentional feature, but if so, it should be stated in the unit’s description that it has better sights than a normal Longbowman.

Continuing from that, ‘Wynguard Rangers/Footmen’ SBPS attributes should not have “Mixed Force Army” as extra_text(it is NOT a mixed force army, it only produces footmen/ranger units) and its help_text should explain how they are different from existing Longbowmen/Men-at-Arms units. I understand this is a low-priority issue, but I expect in-game UI and tooltips to display accurate and helpful information.

The new Abbey of Kings landmark’s ‘King’ unit does NOT have ‘heavy’ unit type in its EBPS attributes despite being introduced as a “Heavy Cavalry”. This makes it so that the King unit does not take any extra damage from anti-heavy units(like Crossbowman or Malian Musofadi Warrior). This may be intentional, but if so, should be clearly stated in the in-game UI texts. The King unit also does not have its torch damage increased as the ages progresses unlike every other melee units.

I am unsure if this is a newly introduced bug or it was always there, but the English ‘Knight’ unit in Age 3(Castle Age)e has incorrect max charge distance in its SBPS attributes. Every other civilization has 40 meters(10 tiles) whereas the English age 3 Knight unit has 35 meters(8.75 tiles). I believe this is simply in error.

  • Abbasid Dynasty

Dock building’s ‘Teak Mast’ unique technology has incorrect formatting in its help_text. It should be “Increase the move speed of military ships +%1%%%.” instead of “Increase the move speed of military ships +%1%.” This was not fixed since the Season 3 patch.

House of Wisdom’s ‘Preservation of Knowledge’ technology’s help_text should clearly indicate that it now also reduces age up costs.

  • Mongols

Khaganate Palace landmark’s ability to produce free units was changed. I assume it uses a different mechanic more similar to Ottoman Mehmed Imperial Armory, but it’s causing a fair bit of issues. It currently produces Elite Mangudai instead of normal Mangudai regardless of whether the Mongol player has upgraded its Mangudai units or not, causing various issues and conflicts. This should be changed. I would recommend also reconsidering its ability to generate units from different factions, considering it causes a lot of conflicts with in-game upgrades and technologies incorrectly applying to them as well as none of them having any working speech codes because they are all from a different faction entirely(this is a quirk of Relic’s Essence Engine that never had any workarounds since Company of Heroes 1 as far as I am aware).

Kurultai landmark’s in-game text should specify that it applies to True/Bonus Damage too on top of existing base damage.

  • General

Technologies and abilities that increase base ‘Damage’ by a set percentage(basically a multiplier) should similarily all boost bonus/true damage as well for consistency’s sake and partially balancing reasons.

Most importantly, Siege Workshop’s ‘Geometry’ technology was already pretty useless for upgrading Trebuchet units, considering it gave a whopping 15 damage increase and nothing else when the unit’s strength mostly comes from its bonus(true) damage against buildings and naval forces. In PUP build’s current implementation, it is now even more useless because it only buffs trebuchet’s pathetic base damage and nothing else.

The following techs and abilities boost damage output but not its bonus/true damage and should be changed.

  • ‘Elite Army Tactics’
  • ‘Incendiary Arrows’
  • ‘Chemistry’
  • ‘Geometry’

The following techs and abilities already boost bonus/true damage AND base damage.

  • ‘Explosives’
  • Mongol Kurultai Aura
  • Malian Griot Bara ‘Siege Festival’ ability

French civilization’s economic technology research cost reduction bonus and Chamber of Commerce landmark’s ability to train free traders should better specify which ‘Economic Technology’ counts for its bonuses/abilities in the game’s UI/tech tree.

Both Abbassid House of Wisdom/French Chamber of Commerce landmarks have weird buggy Trader UI icons displayed in their tech trees.


Interesting, I think they should get that ability, they are hardly worth making as it is. It definitely should be in the tooltip though.

Thank you @ljyong21! We’ll take a look.