PUP Mod - Canyon map - Mongol AI stuck

Hardest Mongol AI could not start the game - see screenshots, after I discovered them at a strange position

I mean, the mod might have some strange issues there with spawning, but mongols should be actually able to deal with something like this, shouldn’t they? (That’s why the bug report)

Can confirm this has happened to me as well.
though not even in a custom map. (It was a unit related mod)

There just seems to be something wrong with Mongol AI if you mod anything.

Thank you @WiseConcil and @BossPaprika1647! The team is aware of some AI performance issues surrounding UGC. We’re working on it :slightly_smiling_face:. Appreciate the reports!


Hey @WiseConcil…what was the name of the mod you were using when you saw this?

Hi, if I remember correctly, it was the Canyon crafted map only, no other tuning packs, game modes etc. I was playing the Chinese, against hardest AI opponent.

Ok, sorry, it was the “Seven unreleased generated maps” by DmEs.Adne - Canyon - Seed number as on the screenshot on top :wink: Hope this helps.

Fantastic…thank you @WiseConcil!