PUP prince electors issues

Sorry for not following standard bug report procedure, but there’s a lot going on and I’m not sure what are bugs and what is intended at this point.

Prince-Electors (I):

  • Fixed an issue where the Royal Hunter wouldn’t cost any population after allying with the Oldenburg Royal House.

  • Fixed an issue where population changes for allied native units differed from the card’s description.

That’s the current PUP notes for the card. The royal hunter part is working but perhaps not as intended? but let’s look at the card description:
This description is how the card currently works on the live servers, and this screenshot is from the PUP so you’d think all is fine. You basically get one free instance of the alliance but now those units and those same units from trade posts costs population. The units from the card have the exact same build limits as they would have should you ally them on the map. So if you use the card don’t pick an ally you could realistically ally on the map.
However! The way the card works has been altered again on the PUP. The units have altered build limits again (30 brunswickers is back for example). And they don’t increase the population cost of trade post units anymore. They now increase the population cost of card send units again, interfering with Circle army for example. The Prince Electors units and the card send units now also receive a little symbol in the corner of their portrait to differentiate them from the trade post units. Allying with the same royal house on the map now again doubles the build limits of the trade post units.

Now enables 17 Line infantry and 12 Mounted infantry. Building even a single Line infantry will disallow you to send the 17 Habsburg allies card since they share a build limit. Having too many Mounted infantry will likewise disallow the Mounted infantry version of circle army not allowing you to get more than 12. These cards are now basically duds should you plan to ally Habsburg.
Interestingly the age 3 11 habsburg allies card WILL allow you to surpass the Mounted infantry build limit, just disallowing building more untill their numbers drop below 12 again.

Now again allows 30 Black Brunswickers, 12 Totenkopf Hussar and 6 drummers. This is probably the superior option once more should these changes go through unaltered. They still interfere with the first shipment of Circle army but it hurts less than the Habsburgs since its the first version. 13 Musk is still a good shipment getting the max number out faster initially.


14 Huntsman, 30 Northern musketeers, 14 Hunstman and 16 Northern musketeers. That’s not a typo. Oldenburg gets both the old and new version of their alliance with Prince Electors. So not only do the Prince electors versions get a pop cost. The trade post version get a pop cost as well. This is definately a bug.
In addition when allying with Oldenburg on the map while youre allied to them through Prince Electors you get hunters and huntsman at the same time in the trade post and embassy. However researching league of armed neutrality will only change your hunters into huntsmen and disable hunters. since the Huntsmen build limit is allready higher youre just removing the option to build hunters.

10 Trabant and 11 Cuirassiers. Not only does the number of Trabant feel a bit low compared to the build limits of other houses. But Wettin will now block 3 native shipments from being send. 10 Trabant and 11 Cuirassiers both cant be send should there be so much as one of these units build from Prince Electors but the third circle army shipment will also be disallowed should there not be room for 5 cuirassiers.

15 Mountain troopers and 10 Chevaulegers. While there are no cards for the Germans that send these units. Their Prince electors variants don’t get an emblem like the other 5 options. Seems like a bug since it is in the files iirc?


Bumping this because I didnt want to make a new topic.
Now that the patch is out, what happened to Prince Electors and its “bugs”?

  1. The cards description has been altered, exactly as pictured in the above post. Royal embassy and TP units should now cost pop.

  2. However it functions per its previous description again and now increases home city population and interferes with HC send units again (RIP Habsburg fans). Why change both the description and the cards function? This didnt solve the issue it just reversed it.

  3. Oldenburg, everything I described above is fixed. But both units now cost 2 pop for some reason. Can’t have anyone being a viable alternative for Hanover I gues?
    Looking into the files it seems the pop increase effect is there twice.

  4. Wittelsbach units still are the only ones not getting a new portrait with Prince Electors, poor Bavarians.

  5. Hanover rules supreme with its 30 musks again.


It’s totally fine to open new topics to point up bugs etc again :slight_smile:

Allying with the same royal house shouldn’t punish you with a pop cost, please please don’t go with that error again.


Also having 15 Hanover musk was a bad joke, I’m glad you can make 30 again. They should buff the other houses, like line infantry to 20 (it’s 17 right now)


Probably, but in this case its one thing of what I reported was fixed and replaced with a new bug.

I’d rather just pick a different house once every 20 or so matches when my favoured house happens to be present on the map than have the card interfere with my shipments every match.

There is no reason to pick Habsburg for those Line infantry, I can get those same 17 from the repeatable age IV shipment. Picking hanover or Oldenburg(at 2 pop a piece atm) gets me 30 + 17 musketeer units, Habsburg limits me at 17 and stops me from using that shipment. Even if they were at 20, you’d still not pick them for the Line infantry.