Pup Season 2: Config Keybinding; Mongol Stable not Bindable

  1. Load into a Pup Map as Mongols
  2. Hit Escape and Settings
  3. Controls → Review and ReMap Controls
  4. Select Fully Remappable Controls
  5. Select Construction Menu One

You’ll notice that Mongols have Stables in Construction Menu one because they get stables in DA.

  1. Remap Stables to any key besides F.
  2. Select a worker, select Construction Menu One, and hit the key you mapped the Mongol Stable too. Then hit F the default binding. You should notice that the default binding is still registering but not the new binding.

Issue: Default Stable Grid Binding is not remapping to a new binding correctly.

Thank you for reporting this as well @Valentine1183!

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