PUP September -Foliage Optimization-. Great News!

A new update is coming carrying a few changes that you can find at Public Update Preview Program – September Update :: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Events & Announcements and what I highlight most of this is what I was so asking for time back, and is the optimization of the vegetation of this game, which provided a somewhat high consumption in the GPU for FPS that was giving (While disabled the difference was abysmal). That changes in this new patch, having an increase of up to 60-67%, that was tested in 1080p resolution, we thank the developers for this work, hopefully thanks to this more people can enjoy the game with some improved settings in graphics quality!

Here you can find a comparison between the standard build and the one to come!


how did this FPS improvement in PUP version?

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In the last line you can sew it, 47FPS → 77FPS


It seems than developers were finally able to add proper multithreading to the game! Almost all CPU cores are tasked to work instead of only one of them. GPU less occupied. Huge FPS improvement.

I’m very happy to see change like this. It required enormous amount of work to implement multithreading to the game - that’s for sure. It means that the game is being treated very seriously by the devs. And this is great info for us players.


Wow from 47 to 77. That is a huge change.


I hope these kind of updates keep going, really make the game optimized. Keep up the good work devs, hopefully after more balanced patches and other bugfixes more content to come as well.


Wow this is amazing news. Really happy to see the attention to DLC, balance, optimization and features to this game. Particularly given some of the concerns around the latest news on AoE4, it makes me feel better that we’ll still have AOE3:DE and that the developers haven’t given up on it.


The September PUP is massive, the devs were pretty busy.
Now that multithreading is properly enabled in the game, they could probably also add improvements to pathfinding of melee units.


I hope they also do the same ofr AOE 2 DE, is really needed here too

Seeing people’s reactions to this update has now gotten me excited along with them. The devs are doing a great job! thank you!


I hope more balance changes for non african civs this month🤞


this is huge, if they really made the core engine utilize multi core cpu’s


Like the USA rework? I hope it’s mostly buffs…

What! AOE3 gets multithreading! This is a game changer!


I feel the game much more smoother in the pup, even with the ludicrous zoom level. It really is running much better, this changes are always welcomed!


Kudos to the devs! This is great news and the hard work is very much appreciated! :pray::pray:

It’s nice to know that AOE 3 is still being worked on and will live on for decades to come as a result of these major improvements.


Are we sure about this ? I feel like this thread is pure speculation.
I don’t want to do the killjoy because I would definitely love to see performances improvements but I haven’t feel any differences on my computer and I don’t see anything mentionning this in the Patch note list sadly :frowning: .


Yeah, I’m seeing slight improvements, but nothing major.

same here, even worse FPS for me in PUP version

What pc configuration do you have