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concerning china I just tested the ff with the consulate age 1 and yeah I had the 6 redcoats at 7 min instead of 8min30 I believe, I think it may be a little too strong for the ff because let’s say we have 6 redcoats at 7 min + mm plus the batch of units that arrives at the same time of the wonder, it looks hard for your opponent to punish this ff i think
and in addition you save 200w of the crates of 700w age 2 which suddenly you can build a village instead and suddenly you are never outpop, I sincerely think that this card makes the ff insane, maybe this card should give less export, 100 its maybe too much, even if I understand the idea that the card is worth 200w + 100 export which gives 300 ress in the end, but there is also the xp that the building gives to its construction ( well its only 50 but still ) and the bo behind which is really very very good then

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Regarding this card it should cost coin tbh because it’s still a mercs shipment right, why doesn’t it cost coin ?
especially since it improves the rate of fire of iron knight so it should definitely cost coin tbh

@vividlyplain interesting map btw I personally like it, I appreciate the fact that there is no naval point, very interesting
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it might be necessary to put 2 boats instead of 3 I think, it makes some civs broken on this map (I let you imagine hauds for example or brit :smiley: ), also the boats should be spawned each on their side, I find a little strange the fact that they are all in the same place at the beginning xD

Also I tried to launch some game on the map and each time I see that the bottom player has his food a little further than the top one, so maybe it’s me who is unlucky I dunno

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this one most of the time


Since Quechuan Mountaineering had the speed buff halved I think it may be nice if the price got reduced as well. Maybe not necessarily halved but maybe 200food 200coin.

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Maybe they should make it so there is a cooldown on garrisoning garrisoning/ungarrisoning so that it can’t be micronerded to death? Or make the process slower, like if you have 50 dudes around the stronghold they can’t garrison all at once but 1 by 1. Same for kallanka ofc. This way both buildings keep their intended mechanic without being annoying.

Inca changes were good, other than removing schooners which was a weird change that I don’t think anybody asked for. No need to do that, now they’ll never be used on water.

la IA no construye muelles de los Rickshaw recibidos de la metrópoli en el mapa “Lake Victoria”.
Los pesqueros de la IA se mantienen inactivos durante toda la partida en el mapa “Lake Victoria”

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I think the San Loius age up needs small nerfs to make it less stand out. San Louis Patriots should have a res cost like the similar carbine cav shipment for Indiana because as it stands it gives too much value. The card for tabasco that gives salteadors should either give 2 for every shipment and have a res cost or start out at a base of 3 or 4 units before adding 1 extra for every shipment.

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However,we should know the PUP is a great trying!

Creo que la tarjeta de revolución inca deberías ser mejorada. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

1.0) La tarjeta debería ser mas rápida y mas barata en recursos.

2.1) Representar un cambio permanente en las unidades pero sin destruir la economía.

2.2) Dividirla en dos tarjetas de revolución que nos den un cambio permanente en las unidades pero sin destruir la economía.

3.0) Que la tarjeta de revolución se pueda enviar de manera ilimitada a menor coste de recursos.

4.0) Eliminar la tarjeta y cambiarla por una revolución similar a los Mayas (México).

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Tbh chinese don’t need buff. Chinese is at Tier 1 to 1.5 for both treaty and sup. But chinese has been nerfed many times for treaty, while been buffed for sup mode,which is really weird.
Maybe it’s for the celebrity activity of chinese new year, or to cater to the chinese community? I have to say what the community really want is a balanced competitive patch. i.e. Nerf cheese strats and OP civs.





I think the consulate changes without a doubt is a positive for china (though requires refinement) since china basically has like 2 modes right now, ff or age 2 timing. it allows for more flexiblity.

The iron troop thing is overkill

flamethrower stuff is meh.

even the flying crow buff i dont think is useful.

My suggestions.

Consulate (Russian Relations):

  • Passive Bonus: Now improves Villager train time and cost by 10% (previously justy train time)

Please let it just be only train time.

Consulate (French Relations):

  • Food Crates (II): Moved to Exploration Age, now ships 300 food (down from 500); Export cost reduced to 150 (from 300)

I think this has to be reversed, since with the 2 Chinese goats it already has what it needs to advance normally in age.

[NEW] Tea Export (I): “Ships 1 Consulate Rickshaw and 100 Export to spend. Also grants a steady trickle of Export permanently.”

The export trickle should be removed, or the shipment should be moved to commercial age, the card is too powerful in Age I.

[NEW] Koxinga (IV): “Ships 8 Iron Troops and significantly improves their ranged rate of fire.” (33.3%)

This shipment must cost a minimum of 1000 gold, no excuses.

Bolas Warrior: Cost increased to 75f 45c (from 65f 45c); damage against Infantry reduced to 0.5x (from 0.67x)

I think that with only the nerf of damage against infantry was enough, because it easily killed other musketeers, I think that the cost of food should be kept at 65 or at most raised to 70.

Schooners: No longer have access to this card

I don’t understand this nerf, I would have preferred to nerf the shipment that allows the fishing boats to have an attack, or the floating islands. I think schooners should come back.


About the Mexican revolutions, I will only say that hopefully they will increase the price of shipping falconets, to at least 150 or 200 gold per cannon. Most civilizations can’t deal with cannons this early.


I think just remove the export trickle, moving it to age 2 would make the chinese deck too crowded and also its kinda bad in age 2 since it conflicts with 300 export.

This card works best either as a starting card or as a card in transition.

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Schooners should not have been removed, if train time was an issue then remove the other card for boat speed and train time that’s in age 2.

Removing schooners just means they’ll never water boom from now on. It’s a must have card if you plan on going water.

First of all, it needs to be clear that the cost of the first age card should be ≥ 300 resources.Second age card should be ≥ 600 resources.Third age card should be ≥ 900 resources.Fourth age card should be ≥ 1400 resources.If it’s military card can -100 resources.Let’s examine these suggestions!(1 Tea export≈1.5 resources)
Tea export:200wood,100 Tea export 0.5exp/s=200wood,150resources and 0.75resources/s=200wood 150resources+1Special settler=400resources~450resources.But because of this card want to replace 3 settler.It can be increased to 400 resources as appropriate.Be like 3 French settlers.So, this card is stronger, but it’s not Op.0.5exp/s can become less,But not without it!
8IronTroops cost 1000Gold to send?Are you Joke?-33%ROF Count as +50%Damage=*1.25=10IronTroops=2000Gold value -1000Gold cost =1000Gold in Age 4 Card?This is a mercenary card!At least,it must arrive 1500resources!

Add the 50 exp that the consulate gives you for construction and a 3500 HP building, I’m not a mathematician, but I think it’s already too much for age 1.
And about the Iron troops, the number could be increased from 8 to 11, setting the price at 1000 and everyone happy. The problem with that card is that the iron troop is an excellent unit, if you add -33% ROF to it, it’s already too much. And if we say that it only costs one shipment, it is even more ridiculous.


Las revoluciones necesitan una mejora. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Creo que cuando una facción se revoluciona debería poder entrenar a los revolucionarios o su equivalente en los cuarteles y fortalezas.

Creo que cuando uno se revoluciona y tiene acceso a ametralladoras gatling o su equivalente debería poder crearlas en las fundiciones de artillería y las fortalezas.

PD: sigo pensando que deberíamos poder modificar las barajas de las revoluciones antiguas.

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