PUP withdrawals

Playing on the live build after spending the past 3 weeks on PUP is gut wrenching difficult :cry:… from the canceled shift clicks to canceled attack move to delhi herbal healing in dark age to stone tower rushes to the many many bugs we attempt to work around…

I miss customized hotkeys on my mouse for idle villagers and all military. I miss English bonus 50w start and stronger Maa and faster ques. I miss making chinese bbq and actually having the LOS of a tower. I miss global que(very well implemented mind you). I miss cheaper House of Learning techs and faster camel archers (might be overtuned? Maybe? I like it!!)

This patch needs to hurry up and go live!


I agree, but I personally prefer a better patch than an half made one. Better to wait overall, until they resolve some other things and gather all the feedback.

For example, while most balance changes were good, the HRE super fast prelates wasn’t one of them.

So while I too would appreciate a better timetable, it’s still better than the alternative.


What’s wrong with sprinter prelates? They can keep up with your maa masses!!

Most balance issues are fledged out over 10s if thousands of game data, so it has to go live.

HRE is already quite good at grabbing relics, and I hope that they didn’t nerfed the warrior monk just to another super fast monk.

not sure why they didnt automatically implement a speed debuff when carrying relics to make up for that buff


Did the PUP have a revamped UI, 500 max pop, and cam zoom farther out? Experiencing those in PUP would also trigger sad feels if had to go back to vanilla state :slight_smile:

I just really hope that tomorrow, we can get patch notes or at least a release date for the Spring Update. Relic needs to capitalize on the momentum of N4C, Golden League, and the Spring Update; it’s the best chance at reviving the game’s playerbase


Agreed if we got patch notes that alone wohld reset our clocks so to speak and increase the hype and help the contestants in tournament prep!!! Its a win win

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Echo this point. This week is really the best time for Spring Update.

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I hope for this week, but i think it goes on next weekend

Yeah, I have no motivation to play after the PUP. The custom maps were great, and the direwolves we’re hilarious.

I think it depends if they really fix all the things PUP testers found or not. I hope that they will fix all those things before deliver season 1 to early.

Like others mentioned they could however post the release notes some days before to hype the season 1 update.

I hope there will be some nice surprises like new civs or campaigns.

I think the patch will come after golden league , you don’t change everything in a middle of a big tournament

They introduced the last patch in the middle of the 100k tournment? Plus this current tournemnt is LONGER

No he will come after imo and yes this tournament is long as ■■■■ it is why the next patch is not for now boys

your theory is unsubstantiated? Each of the other patches have come during/middle of tournaments? They have not made any indications that they plan to delay this patch? so where u getting this idea from?

It’s just good sence you don’t change everything in the middle of a big tournament it’s just simple logic

then clearly u don’t even understand what you’re saying… the last tournament was just as big is this tournament??? AND … THEY… INTRO A PATCH… MID TOURNMENT… and just mid tourny but during qualifiers?

Ok then thx .
If I have an question I will ask it to you

LOL you must be a dev under a secret account?? If yall have plans to NOT release the patch mid this tournament thats your prerogative! But don’t act like its good sense NOW after y’all didn’t follow this “good sense” convention prior?

AND IMO devs, why would you hold the patch for until after this tournament when many of the things the PUP exhibited are the very tweaks and concepts the community and the pro level players are anticipating in order to take this game more seriously?