Purchase AOE IV

guys i have a qus.
which version should i purchase to play AOE IV multyplayer and from which platform?

Steam as that’s the only version to have access to PUP

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Definitely steam, as stated above it has the PUP if your interested and steam players tend to have less problems with the game running properly. That goes for all Age games.

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thnx for reply, what is PUP lol
this is the 1st time for me to play an online game on pc srry

thnx for reply mate, but can i have more info about PUP!

and which version should i purchase?
on steam there is anniversary edition and delux edition? what is the diffirence between those,
thnx in advance :slight_smile:

PUP = Public Update Preview. The devs launch that once in a while where you can test upcoming changes and give feedback on.

Anniversary Edition :slight_smile: The content Deluxe Edition provides isn’t really worth it.


really appreciate it, thnx boss