Put it back the way it was

I’ve been reading a lot of forums and I think it’s safe to say we all hate various aspects of the new update. With most of us hating the changes to the horsemen and certain siege engines. The devs need to fix the bugs and generally leave the rest of the game alone. I don’t even want to play it anymore which is kind of sad since I’ve played it every day since its release and spent years anticipating that day.

I miss pre-update AOE IV.


No. It’s fair to say that the patch was 80% good and they messed up with Delhi and horseman , siege are fine btw.

Also if we don’t get updates then we will get bored really quickly


I pretty much agree. Pre-update was a better game. I would rather them roll it back than leave it the way it is. If they could leave the hulk nerf and the Rus artifact fix, and take their time with the rest to get it right. I am very fearful of the patch they have coming up, as this patch was a complete and total failure. If this is how patches and updates are going to look in the future, this game is not going to be as successful as most of us would like it to be. There are more game defining bugs now than before imo.


if the siege engine changes you are referring are the change in focus of the TC arrows then i prefer to stay in the actual update. I was sincerely tired to play always vs english or french and face always the same annoying tactic of abusing man at arms+longbows and battering ram for one (wich are a joy to face when u have a civ without any heavy unit in feudal) and mono knight (plus some archers and spingard for the ones that had an acceptable IQ) for the other.
At least now i can micro better my villagers/spearmen into killing the rams or the incautios longbowmen that come to protect it. The only changes that i dont understand are the rebalance of delhi and the no changes to the spingards.

Yeah patch just forces everyone to play boom because Rams no longer take aggro from TC. There is no more variety in play. The game feels more like playing Chess than AOE. I main Delhi by the way.

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Also in this thread I can tell you that this is not true. You can still easily ram push in feudal and take a big advantage out of it. In some cases you can even finish the game with it or at least boom or tech yourself. Even in the game where aussie drongo casted don artie the push was successful and he got such a big advantage that he won. So maybe just relax a little and let those changes sink in. Hotfix next week and upcoming EGC events will show whats truly strong on a similiar skill level.

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Dunno what game are you playing, i face 50% of times rush in feudal age, if i play vs england i face it 100% of the times. They just changed their focus, deleting all economic building and houses instead focusing on tc, it slow you down so much that its quite impossible to win even if your tc stay alive

What rank / elo are you?

Just 1min ago I watched the 126th and 132th of the ladder play against each other and one player had to push 3(!!!) times with his Rams into the opponent’s base with 1.5x the army sizes of his opponent until he finally was able to finish him. Just because the TC deleted 50% of his army the other 2 times.

The main issue is Devs double nerfed things when a single nerf would’ve been fine. They can maybe revert the ram hp nerf completely or at least partially to make up for being able to target fire now.

Spearmen being Able to attack move brace combined with the increased damage was maybe too much. One or the other would’ve been fine.

I find it funny how often this happens though. Instead of partially nerfing something Devs double down on nerfing (step lancers from aoe2)

That being said most of the patch was an improvement.

You can’t say abb and China aren’t better off than they used to be.

Once the bugs are fixed the game will be better than it was. Even currently I haven’t faced anyone abusing the abb cheat.

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Wow great so we are forced to watch a game drag on and on with the winner already known, because the player can’t finish the landmark - great game design BRAVO!

I am pretty sure I am watching the same stream so I saw the mongol mirror. Weird that you bring this up. Even though he defended AND hat a second TC he got so far behind because of this push that he lost. So the ram push was successful…

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Except that the game could have ended 10mins earlier isntead of dragging on for no reason at all. And only because of the TC change - talking about good game design lol.

Also you can stand to your subjective opinion as long as you want, but when all pros and casters have the opposite opinion, it’s no longer subjective, but instead objectively wrong!

Okay now im interested. Which pros and casters share the oppinion that the possibility of targetfire with TCs is “ruining the game”. Show me please.
Also the game was “dragged on” because the defending player had a second TC which could compensate for his villager losses because of the push. That was the reason.
Oh and btw. the next game between those players was a feudal ram push which led to victory. So your argument gets even less viable…

Anyway since your argumentation gets more and more arrogant im calling it off now. Have fun after leaving and playing other games! :slight_smile:

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The way I remember it, the pros and casters were all complaining about not being able to retarget the TC fire. Most of them also considered early ram push to be OP. The casters now might have been surprised by the ninja change to TC retargeting because such a big thing wasn’t included in the changelog, but they certainly aren’t opposed to it.

Still not sure if to cheer or not. It could be bug after all. A bug fixing a bad design decision…that is the hero we needed :sweat_smile:

I’m not even sure the inability to retarget with the TC was even an intentional design decision to begin with! Now somebody comes around and fixes it and people complain!

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can we choose what to target with the TC with the new update? This is what I understand from your post.

Yes if you have villagers inside your main TC you can right click anything in range and it will fire on that target.

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oh I am very happy to hear that because I hated it when I noticed I cannot focus fire my TC, towers and castle. I hope this is not “single player only” feature?

Feudal rush gives you an advantage, but it doesn’t make victory certain. That extra game time allows the defender to make a comeback either by exceptional play on their part, or a lapse of judgement on yours.