Put it back the way it was

This so much.

While I really appreciate fixing some gamebreaking bugs, making unnecessary changes like moving abbasid techs around AND breaking the game with it again (just changing one gamebreaking bug for another) is so infuriating.

Same with the balance changes.
The game is so increadibly imbalanced right now and there is sooo much wrong with the gameflow, especially in lategame.
That absolutely nothing gets tackled about this, with manual deto ship explosion, springald spam, absolutely immortal chinese siege machine blob not caring about any other unit anymore (15 clocktower bombards can easily hold on their own against 50 fully upgraded HRE MAA without any repair), siege beeing too bad when having single ones but too strong when you have it blobed, yam network + speed arrow making footsoldiers cavspeed +40%, double recruitment for free paired with no house cost completely dominating early.

So many things that just criple the gameflow in a frustrating and not playable way which need to be either nerfed or completely reworked, and I get the feeling they treat the game with 0 priority rn, just some interns managing it.

I really hope that there’s a plausible excuse for all this insane disconnect to the game and the playerbase by the devs themselfs behind all of this.

Maybe they shift more of the priority to Worlds Edge now that the game is released, and they need to get into the spaghettiecode now? Maybe there were some problems with some staff not doing their job properly and relic having to replace them?
I don’t know and I don’t really care, but I want the game not to be treated like a 0 prior trashy sideproject noone cares about anyway.
This is at least the feeling that comes across when I see these type of treatments Age4 gets over and over again.

Right now the game is incomplete, to the core imbalanced and absolutely broken when it comes to bugs.


Pre-update people were having 100000 stones at 10 minutes