Puzzle time!

Maybe some campaign scenarios have been rebalanced now that some civs’ infantry are stronger. Campaign scenarios often feature Long Swordsmen (as trash mobs or a common unit in someone’s army), and Gambesons will make some of those tougher than before.

It would signal to your enemy not to bother destroying your houses, although they probably wouldn’t anyway.


The devs would rather have BBTs have fire effects than allow Byzantines to build Fire Towers that already exist in the editor. What a pity.


It is not a new mechanic, the devs create two new armors, one for the skirmishers and the other for cavalry units. Bengali cavalry has a bonus damage against skirmisher armor; Royal Heirs enable that Shotels and Camels -3 armor from Cavalry

At least you got the fire animation. 11

Not even Condos had this before. Since when is this possible?

Yes, I think they are going to rework those civs: Tancred (Sicilians), Iron Boar (Huns), Yodit (Ethiopians), El Cid (Spanish) and Teutonic Order (Teutons), or else modify some missions of The Hautevilles, Attila, Yodit, El Cid and the campaigns of The Dawn of the Dukes…

Yes, in the third mission (Loose Ends) of the reworked campaign of Bari…

  • Varangian Guards (Vikings): they start in the South. the Varangian Guard is defended by just a couple of towers and a Castle, and will not build defensive walls. The Vikings field a strong army of Berserks, Skirmishers, and Scorpions that is very effective against Huskarls. They are scripted to advance to the Imperial Age a second after the player.

Of course and let it be like AoE 4 where Mongolian houses are in fact yurts…

I have my doubts, but it could be 3 campaigns: Harald Hardrada and the conquest of Anglo-Saxon England (Vikings) (1030-1066); Margaret I and the foundation of the Kalmar Union (Danes) (1387-1412) (would be similar and contemporary to the campaign of Jadwiga) and finally Gustav Vasa and the end of the Kalmar Union (Swedes) (1518-1556)…

Maybe they are already trying many things…

IDK, a[nother] European DLC announcement would be out of place in this decade next couple years.

The Big Brain move is to delete all the houses as soon as Nomads completes…the enemy will be none the wiser.

Eh, better to make some of the existing options good before throwing a new unit into the mix. That said, the terrestrial effects of Greek Fire are ~0, and the blast damage could easily be 2-4xed.

True, it’s not a fully new mechanic (especially for skirms). Although the implementation on Shotels uses it in a novel way, as AFAIK they’ve never used negative bonus damage before.

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Harald Hardrada would make a good protagonist for a campaign – but in Britain he’s most famous for not conquering Anglo-Saxon England.

Yes, that is correct; I think the math is there. It’s something similar to bonus reduction I guess
To be honest I think the devs are preparing the game for the incoming civilizations with all the infantry buffs and new mechanics and I think we will see more of this like the building or unit heal area and the negative armor bonus in some types of units (even the resources generations from killing units)
The future looks bright

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The most puzzling thing is how does the new Royal Heirs work?
Taking less damage from a certain unit types was not something that was possible before.
Condottiero have their own armour class and every none gunpowder unit that does bonus damage against Infantry also does bonus damage against their unique armour class.

Maybe they changed that too. Cannon Galleons don’t do bonus damage against Infantry (Cavalry nor Archers) anymore so the +10 Infantry armour of Condottiero don’t work anymore.

But there was nothing like that mentioned in the patch notes. Condottiero taking -10 damage from gunpowder units would change a lot of things, like Janissaries don’t have bonus damage against Infantry so they do full damage now. And Organ guns now do a lot less damage to single units so a +10 armour would nearly eat up their entire attack.

Tricky situation.

But if this is something the engine can do now then this would have some really interesting possibilities for new civilisation bonuses and unique units.


I have a gut feeling that upcoming Romans civ have some bonus like this. Military units take -1 damage from foot units or something like that. While take full damage from mounted units as both of their irl enemies Goths and Huns both had mostly cavalry army.


A bunch of cavalry/CA units now have -3 damage to an armor class that only Shotels/Ethiopian Camels have, but Shotels/camels have -3 of this armor class. They neutralize each other until the UT kicks in, which sets the -3 Armor on Shotels and camels to 0, whereafter Shotels/camels benefit from the effect. Incidentally, this also affects other types of camel units that Ethiopians can’t train - like Mamelukes and Imp Camels, but that’s just for consistency.

I don’t think there are any other changes that involve this sort of thing ATM though. The cannon galleon change just normalized the base damage to get rid of some random legacy bonus damage. No Condo changes AFAIK.

Yep. Obvious one for me regarding current civs is to have Samurai take less damage from UUs. Other possibilities are units that resist charge or siege damage. TBF I would have preferred if the Shrivamsha was implemented in this way, but I’m sure we’re stuck with the magical shield.

I expect the new Romans to be pretty gimmicky by traditional standards as devs will be itching to make the civ exciting and novel. It may well be the only new AoE2 civ within 1.5 or more years of DOI. Perhaps something like a leadership/aura bonus from Centurions on nearby troops and probably a unique building as well.


Yes, maybe they won’t touch Europe for a good time…

Yes, I know, but I refer to Stamford Bridge, since William of Normandy conquered the Anglo-Saxon England (the same Norman campaign of AoE 4 shows it) …

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Whoops, I just saw that the crossword just got solved!

BTW, speaking of chariots. Is there any chance of having the WRE and or Byzantines getting access to them?

Or how about a chariot minigame? :smiley:

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The Roman army never used chariots. They used them for fun only, like racing or as a toy for rich people.
Chariots are a Bronze Age weapon and Rome was founded in the Iron Age.

Chariot racing?


Oh, I see. Your wording made it sound like you thought Harald Hardrada conquered Anglo-Saxon England. I think it would be odd for a campaign to switch suddenly from Harald Hardrada to William the Conqueror, especially given that Hastings is already in the historical battles.

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Since some campaigns and historical battles link with one another, I think it could be interesting to have a Harald Hardrada campaign XD


Next week is here. Where are the notes?


On steam??? [many ? to get 20 characters]

Of course, the same this campaign would be a prequel to Hastings…

Cof cof Jogaila in The Dawn of the Dukes dlc xd…