Q: How do I report leaks?

How do I report leaks?

All Age of Empires Insiders have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) upon completing their registration for the program. This means that if we share confidential information with you, it needs to be kept confidential until we say otherwise!

If you encounter Age of Empires confidential information (or what you believe may be confidential information) anywhere on the internet, please do the following:

  1. Document the leak by taking a screenshot of what you see
  2. Copy the URL of where the leaked confidential information is posted
  3. Email the screenshot(s) and the URL as well as any other pertinent information to AoEenforcement@microsoft.com. The more info, the better!

For privacy reasons, you may not hear the result of what occurs behind the scenes once the leak is reported. However, we may reach out to you if we have any additional questions about what you report to us.

We appreciate your help with stopping leaks in their tracks!