Q: I haven't received a beta invite, will I receive one?

I haven’t received a beta invite, will I receive one?

If you haven’t received an invite yet, don’t worry! All Age of Empires Insiders with a connected Steam account are eligible for selection in an upcoming wave of invites, with the ultimate goal of getting all of our valued Age Insiders into the beta.

Future waves of invites will be announced via email, our official social channels, and in the News & Info section of this forum.

If you need to connect your Steam account to your Age of Empires Insider profile, or update any of your other profile preferences, check out this guide or visit www.ageofempires.com/profile.

Questions on the beta invite process? Post below or email us at AoEInsiderSupport@microsoft.com and we’ll work to get back to you in a timely manner!


When do you plan the next wave of beta?

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I’ve got the Steam code for the enhanced graphics pack but not the code for the actual AoE II De game.
Any advices?

Hi @EazLP, Contact the community team at aoeinsidersupport@microsoft.com and they will be able to resend your beta invite.

Okay thanks. :slight_smile:

Quando sera a nova onda de convites?

So many months passed by and still no beta key…

the same here,…no beta key