Q: I was invited to the beta but I can't access the beta forums!

Thanks for doublechecking! Can you please forward your invitation email to AOEInsiderSupport@microsoft.com so I can investigate why your email address is not appearing in my database? Thanks!

Email sent from the same account.Sorry I missread will redo :slight_smile:

its sent now. Sorry for the messup.

Thanks! I found the issue and you should now have access to the AOE2:DE closed beta forums.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your efforts.

Downloading at Steam now :smiley:
So far so good.

Announcement Regarding AOE:DE Limited Beta Forums

We are aware that some people are having access issues for the limited beta forums for AOE:DE and we are investigating things on our end. We will update here when we have a workaround or solution.

Your forum access should auto-populate if your forums account uses the same Microsoft account and email address as your Age Insider profile - as part of this auto-population you should be getting the Age Insider title and flair as well. If these things did not populate on your account, then the forum access did not populate either.

Please post to let us know if the flair and title DID appear for you, but you still do not have the limited beta forum access. Thanks!

EDIT: We changed some things on our backend to try and fix this. Please try logging-out of the forums and logging back in again. Please post below if you are still missing your forum access, flair, and title.

You should be good to go now. Looks like your AOE:DE closed beta access was interfering with your AOE2:DE closed beta access. You now have access to both forums.

Can you please clarify which forum you are trying to access? The URL you are trying to reach will be the most helpful in investigating. Thanks!

Hello again!
Just reporting the game DL and installed ok. Played tutorial and spectated a multiplayer game. All works fine even on my old computer. <3

I am playing on xBox live hub–it shows game installed, and I have attempted to bumble through it. However, I have no access to the beta forums–I have logged out and logged back in quite a few times. I thought maybe I had to link to steam, but have found nothing in the profile to do that, and there is nothing on Steam to do it either. Any info would be helpful.
Also, are there instructions to play the game…so far, I’ve managed to get to Age 2 each time before getting killed off—but it’s more by guessing than anything else.


Thank you. I’ve prodded some things on your account. Can you please try logging out of the forums, clearing your cache/cookies, and logging back in again?

Hey there - for the limited beta forums I’ve prodded some things on your account. Can you please try logging out of the forums, clearing your cache/cookies, and logging back in?

The Steam linking you may be referring to is your Age Insider Profile (it is separate from your forum account at this time).

There is not a tutorial open for the AOE:DE beta.

Thank you. I have access to the beta forum now.

Didn’t need to logout or clear cache, it straight worked. I have access now, thank you

Hello :slight_smile:
I riccived an email stating that i’ve been invited to the age of empires 2 DE beta ( aswell as the multyplayer DE 1 beta), i can downaload the De of the 1 but can’t get in any way to download or acces any beta forum ( both 2 and 1)
Thanks for your time

Hey there - I do not see that the email address for your account has been invited to the AOE2:DE beta yet. Can you check the email address that your invitation was sent to? Its possible you signed up under multiple email addresses. Can you email AOEInsiderSupport@microsoft.com with that information? As we’ll need confidential personal information we will be unable to troubleshoot this in a public forum.

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As i Checked better the email, i noticed that while there is the AoE 2 De image, i actually got invited to Aoe DE ( 1) beta for the multyplayer session ( wich opens on the 7th).
Hopefully i’ve not wasted your time :slight_smile:
Good work!
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The AOE:DE limited and closed betas will be ending on August 15th. We will no longer be troubleshooting access to those forums. Editing the main post above to remove those links. Thanks!

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