Q: What can I talk about in the Insider Forums? What shouldn't I talk about?

What can I talk about in the Insider Forums? What shouldn’t I talk about?

This forum is a dedicated space for our valued Age of Empires Insiders to interact with each other and learn about general program information and announcements. This is your space! Kick back, get to know one another, ask and share general information about the Age Insider program, and voice feedback to us on what’s working and what isn’t!

However, this forum is not the space discuss or share information, screenshots, etc. concerning specific beta programs, such as the closed Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition beta. These discussions should only be happening in the private beta space we’ve created:

Please remember that all Age of Empires Insiders have signed an NDA upon completing registration! That means if its confidential, keep it confidential!

Additional questions on what can and can’t be discussed in the Age Insider Forums?
Post below or email us at AoEInsiderSupport@microsoft.com