QOL 3-Second Macro Pause at Start of Match

Although this may just sound like a noob-friendly suggestion, it’s actually more of a QOL and balance one.

There are still too many shenanigans with explorers starting in weird parts near the Town Center causing them to bump into settlers trying to gather from the initial resource crates.

The resource crates themselves sometimes get placed awkwardly relative to the position of the settlers and they bump into each other as well.

Instead of putting in the work trying to adjust the positioning, why not just enable a 3-second macro pause in the beginning so the player can dot the i’s and cross the t’s themselves?

It may sound like a small deal but sometimes it affects the timing by 5-10 seconds depending on how badly it goes, and the solution I’m presenting here is simple and harmless and can be considered at type of “balance” update as well.

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This lies in the skills of a player, if we boil everything down to the bone this game will become of a simplicity that you can compare it to mobile games

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My entire point is that skill is removed when randomness is introduced. There is too much clutter in the beginning and one player may have it worse than the other. Hence it’s a QOL issue and a balance one at the same time.

I would say, if you always put the resources in only one location that would be fine, but the rest is nonsense. Not even the explorer could make it spawn well because if they both spawn on the left side whoever is above will have the explorer who will leave before the explorer of whoever is below and I don’t even know if it is possible to manage these things through the maps code

I think you missed the point. Instead of having the devs move things around they could just add a macro pause that everyone at every level will appreciate. It takes out most of the randomness that is the beginning cluster of resource crates, villagers, hunts, and the explorer.

You could ask your opponent to macro pause or pause by saying sec and do all, I prefer randomness and put settlers on each crate manually as soon as the game starts, they could add the option in lobbies to pause macro early . Ethiopians and Hausa don’t need it.