QoL - Guard, Point of interest group/Tag

Two quick little Quality of Life suggestions that I feel are pretty inoffensive.

1.)Mini-map Markers:

-allow PC players to create markers on the map/Mini-map that can be quickly cycled to/thru via a hot key. Similar to the feature that is currently available to Xbox players.

2.) Guard Behavior:

-If you set a unit to “Guard” another unit that is apart of a “command Group”, Generalize the guard behavior to all units in the command group.

-Have this work for when you set units to guard a team mates group as well.

-Adjust behavior for guard when setting a unit to guard resource collection buildings (Mills, Lumber camps, etc), generalizing the guard behavior to units that are currently using that building as a collection site. This has them serve as a sort of “Over watch”, so that you can keep them to the side guarding without having to stick them in the way of the Vils’ collection/drop-off path.

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