QoL idea, add an option to change your deck ingame(if you already chose one)

As the title suggests, let us have an option that allows us to swap our decks if we’ve chosen the wrong one.

For example, I’m playing a land map but for some reason I missclick and select a water deck, now I’m stuck with a subpar deck for the rest of the game. If this option was available I could fix my mistake by selecting the appropiate deck.

This should only work before making your first shipment, otherwise it would be pretty exploitable.


Yeah I don’t see a problem with this as long as you can only do it before first shipment is sent.


I can see one problem with this, Your opponent checks your deck after you pick one and makes strategic decisions from it only to find out you changed your deck after.


That’s a really good point, the only solution that I have in mind for this is:

  • You can only do it once and before receiving a shipment.

  • Once you’ve selected the deck you only have 10s to swap it (if you’ve made a mistake).

  • If the opponent switches decks for some reason, you’ll be alerted by a message.

  • When checking the deck of your opponent the game could display some indicator that shows that the enemy can still swap his deck.

I didn’t think on the strategic implications this change would have.


Wouldn’t it make more sense if your opponent doesn’t know your deck and vice versa?

Its like telling your enemy what kind of strategy you are going for.

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why dont you find why you pick the wrong deck first?
so you can make your error less frequent to the point it dissapear

tips: if you dont see ocean bouy dont pick naval its simple
chat dont block the list of decks anymore

Since definitive edition i have never wrong pick a deck again

tip: put names that make you remember decks better

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only do it once still can confuse opponent

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i think the game advances so quickly that it wont be good for the oponent that players change deck

i dont think so, it would be like a war of swapping decks to confuse enemy

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It’s part of the strategy, many don’t even know you can check opponent’s deck.

You mean pick cards that will mislead your opponent?

No, that you adapt according to enemy’s card although the micro should be a hell.

Good point but I think that this could be solved by not showing your deck to anyone before they have sent their first card.

It happens to me a lot when I have native allies. I pick the deck without Warrior Priest cause I usually play without that civs as allies.

Its easy, before you have send a shipment the enemy cant see your deck