QoL Improvement - Placing starting houses

With the new patch, we can’t place houses on unrevealed terrain making it difficult to place starting houses on the edge of line of sight.
Can we please place foundation on the edge of revealed terrain?


I have started to getting housed when playing because of this thing. Actually I think devs could just don’t try to fix it. It doesn’t effects game that much, you can see where your enemy build something but you don’t know units and buildings. Also mined/chopped/collected resources can seen easily in Definitive Edition. They could fix this first instead of focusing into this and if they are going to put big change I think open beta needed.

I also dont like that 1 unscouted (black) tile can make it impossible to place a building.

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Well TBF, other RTS games like Starcraft 2 or supreme commander does not allow you to place buildings in areas that aren’t explored. Idk why you have to build the house on the edge of the initial TC LOS since house LOS in dark age is laughable. I’d just put starting houses closer to TC.

Oh wait, if you want to build the house while on the way to lure the boar i can see it happening, also some mid game house painting.

Unless you’re talking about something else, it looks like the hotfix made it so you can have part of a building foundation on unexplored terrain again.


yes seems to be changed :slight_smile:

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