QOL Requests: Masteries and Coat of Arms

I have to face it, collecting anything through progression in any game hooks me immediately. However, I’ve run into two snags that I wish would change:

  1. Masteries for each of the Civs include “Tests of Strength” where you have to beat an AI of a certain difficulty in a 1v1. Well… I’ve been playing with my friends non-stop since game release, and having to stop playing with them to do a quick 1v1 with the AI is frustrating (especially since there are 8 civs, each mastery has 5 tests of strength, so I need to complete 40 1v1s to finish masteries). I’d rather keep playing with my friends! Could we get that changed to something like: “Beat enemy AI of minimum difficulty X in a custom match or skirmish. You must not have the lowest overall score on your team.” This would ensure that you don’t just beat a Moderate AI whose allies are set to Easiest, and ensure that you are not carried. Same difficulty, just allows for more options.

  2. After completing several masteries and unlocking cool things to put in my profile… how come I can only select washed out colors within a narrow hue selection for my coat of arms? I’m not sure why it isn’t a color slider, an RGB input (with presets available), or why the available colors were chosen. Besides username, this is the only way for players to distinguish themselves. Can we please have more color options?